Monday, August 24, 2015

Bowling is like the Gospel

Updates from Jacob....

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Happy birthday to me

Updates from Jacob....

Monday, August 10, 2015

Relax at the fish spa

Updates from Jacob...

Dear Family,

I am glad to hear that the family is doing well even with all the
crazy hospital visits. That is crazy that it all happened so close to
each other. Over here, we have just been dealing the affects of what
happens when bad sickness hits a small house like ours. Elder Chapman
got way sick two weeks ago and then this last week me and my companion got
the same sickness. We were both more lucky than Elder Chapman. His
took him almost 10 days to get over and for me and the comp it took only
about two days.

This week was super slow for us with not too much to report on my end, but I
will do my best to think of some things to email home. Well something
that is new is that the rainy season has just started again and now it
is worse than I have ever seen it. When it starts raining over here it
never stops. I think while we were sick it rained for about two straight
days. To say that the water tables were up is an understatement. But
even with it being as bad as it was we were able to work one day and
head to some of our investigators. We have this one family that is
really progressing well. The Norico family. The main member is
Sister Roxanne. She is 15 years old and we just headed to their house
and asked her if she would come to church. She said yes maybe, so we
kinda counted her out. But then when Sunday came around, she was there
at church and that is so sweet for us to have someone who wants to
come and progress to baptism.

Yeah other than that we have just been getting better and catching up
on the reading and journal entries. It's funny I feel the same as I did
last year when my birthday rolled around. Last year I was working and
now this year we are just fully engulfed in the work with not too much time
to celebrate. But yeah I am pumped for this Saturday. We have a small
get together planned for that day but not much. Today was super fun. We
all headed to Miag-ao to chill with Elder Larson and all the boys from
up north. It was way fun. We decided that we wanted to do something
crazy. We headed to this sushi place that is owned by this Japanese
Brother. The place is way sick. It also has a fish spa in the back that was
crazy. It does feel way interesting, not the most relaxing thing but
still fun.

I love you all and wish that I could spend this time with you but this
is the life of a missionary. I hope that you all have a good week and
try to take is easy and not get too crazy with the schedule. I love you
mom and dad. Tell all the brothers and my sister that I love them too and
for them to behave and listen to you.

Love Elder Swanton

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The good, the bad, and everything else...

Updates from Jacob...

Dear Family,

I really can't believe that the kids will be heading back to school
and that it is already the 8th month of the year. I really feel like
just the other day we were in Bugasong and the New Year had just
rolled around. But I guess that is how it is when you are on a

Alright, so this week was full of the Good, the Bad, and a little of
everything else. So on Tuesday we had our quarterly Multi Zone
Conference. This time Iloilo South Zone was having the conference with
Antique Zone so I was super exited to see Elder Bontoyan (my son) and
Elder Francisco (Elder Larson's son or my nephew). I can say that it was
so good to see them and my bata has not changed very much. I kinda
wish that I could have stayed comps with my son for most of my
mission. He is a great kid and I am super proud of him. The conference
was super good and we had a couple of trainings from President and his
Assistants. It really was so nice to take a day and only have to worry
about catching up with all my brothers back in Antique. About half way
through the conference, President asked me to share and explain a couple
of scriptures. I was given John 10:11-14.

The spirit was way strong and I talked about how we are the shepherds
of our specific flocks on our missions. The first verse says, "I am the
good shepherd." And I asked everyone to put their names in that space.
It really hits me hard that the Lord has placed us in these areas and
as Verse 14 says. "I, Elder Swanton, am the good shepherd, and my sheep
are known of me and I am known of them." Satan would like for nothing
else than for everyone over here in our mission to stop the work. It
is hot and it is raining and we are fighting with our comps. The
excuses are never ending but in the end we just need to get out and
hit the pavement or mud in some cases.

I took a lot of what we learned and tried to imply it in to our work.
We were able to have some success this week and extend some baptismal
dates for August and September. We really just tried to follow the
spirit since we have not had much success when we try to plan and
follow it. It took us to some places that I never thought we would go.
We found some new people that are super ready and just have some small
things to get right before they hit the water. Anyways, it will be
challenging for us to do this but we will be able to make it happen.

Today, we all went and chilled in Miag-ao with Elder Larson and all the
elders from the north end of the zone. It was way fun and something
that was interesting is that the more weight that I lose, the better I
seem to be getting at basketball. We had some great games with some of
the locals that were chilling around the court. The other cool thing
about Miag-ao is that there is a college there and it is really well
known so that means that there are a ton of small little Cafes that
have the best food and chill atmosphere. We ate at one today called
Cafe Deim and it was the Bomb.

Alright now for the hard part of the email the answering of all the
questions. First off, thank you Grandma and Grandpa for the mailing of
the package. As for P-days dad, we work in the evenings when we have an
appointments, but it is super hard to find them so most of the time we
are out tracting and oyming all the people we can find. I bought some
pant material I hope that it will be done the same time as the package
gets here but who knows over here. The work is good it is just slow
and steady. Tell the family that I love them and that they are always
in my prayers.

Love your son,
Elder Swanton

Pictures of the Bugasong boys back together, And also of the food that
we have been eating in Miag-ao. And we also talked to this couple
fishing and they were perfect investigators. They talked about how
important it is that men and women work together in raising a family.