Monday, January 26, 2015

High on a mountain top....

Updates from Jacob.....

 Family of mine,
Well I will try to explain everything that has been going on this past week. The zone conference was so cool. We got so much great training and of course I was called up in front of the entire two zones. President was like, "Elder Swanton will you describe the 10 commandments in Kari-a for the Missionary's here" and I was like "yeah I can try." So I get up there and I totally forget the question and just say yeah we need to follow the commandments so we don't burn on the last days and everyone just started laughing and the President was laughing too, so I would say that it was a good explanation. Most of the training was on how and what a missionary is and does. Its was great.  But its all good, cause guess what, I am already six weeks down which means just six more weeks and then I can become the missionary that I want to be. In other news, I have to take all my shirts in and pants cause they all make me look so darn chubby and I need to get them like taken in, I don't know how to describe it, but mom you know what I am talking about. But yeah we have been having a lot of success in this burunguy called tica. It is a 30 minute trike ride out into the rice fields. When we show up the kids just start running at me they love to just hang on my arms as I walk. Its fun but all of my white shirts are getting ruined cause the kids, well lets just say they are not the cleanest haha. But  anything for them to get a good smile out of the day. So yeah its kinda weird all we teach is little girls. We have about 13 more baptisms planed for next month and I think that we will be able to get them all. Its just hard because the kids they all want to learn but the parents they have little to no interest in what we are teaching. Like this one family, they are the Sanyols and they are just the golden family. The parents don't work on Sunday and all the girls love what we teach them. But then when Sunday came around only two of the girls went to church. But still I love teaching them, and I pray every day that they will accepted what we teach and come to church.
 So coming to the end of the week when we had some extra time we went to Brother Perpectos house and he wanted to climb a mountain. So yeah we climbed the second highest mountain in Bugasong. I have attached some pictures of that it was so fun and so dangerous haha. I am alive and yet here to speak to you in the words of Ammon. So on Sunday we had a great day kind of, we had more people come to church than have ever come. 48 people showed up to church and yeah it was crazy we were even missing some of the main family's that always come. I know that if we keep trying to get people to church we will start to have some success. That is really all I think that happened. Just another week in the field and many more to come.
 I love all of you and hope you can get some rest and have a good week.
Elder Swanton
I love hiking this much! Where is a dirt bike when I need it...
Elder Larsen, Brother Perpectos, and me.

Me and my comp.
Brother Perpectos.....How does he do it?
Zone Conference- I'm far left...


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