Monday, January 12, 2015

Loving the people here....

Updates from Jacob.....

Well I would like to start out by saying sorry all of the pictures I took this week were on the wrong setting so they are all huge. But yeah, this week was so fun and at the same time it really makes me rethink why I am here. We had alot happen this week. So on Tuesday we headed down to San Jose for a Zone Conference. It was so fun because me and Elder Larsen got to see some of our batch mates that we have not seen in a while and they are all doing really good. It was also so fun because Larsen and I had the musical number for the conference. We borrowed Brother Perpectos guitar and I just made up a song on the spot and it was so fun everyone was super surprised that we could both sing and play guitar. Just before we played the zone leaders had just gotten on everyone's case for not making numbers for the month so it was good cause we softened the mood and made everyone smile. I included a picture of Elder Swanton, Elder Larson, and Elder Corenel.
 So this week we did some of our first tracting ever since I got here. Anyways we found some more people to teach and some Less Actives that we are working on right now. Elder Larsen and I wake up at 5:40 to go running and we get back at 6:30 and get done all of what we need to.  Anyways on to the rest of the week. So we have two little girls that have baptismal dates for the 24 of January so we are working on getting them ready for the huge commitment. They both seem really to be getting it pero, they don't ever study. This week I have also changed how I teach people. I have just accepted that I can't speak very well, so I just use it to my advantage with people. It makes people listen more intently and really try to understand what I say. And when it come to kids, you just have to play with them as much as they mess with you. I started to do these things not two days ago and I can already see change in how people treat me.
So on to Sunday, I had been praying all week that we would have some new people come to church and as we get there we see Sister Floreses husband who has not been to church for 10 years. He looked like he had a lot on his mind. So we ended up having about 40 people come which is super good for us. It means there is progress, also we had Brother Sessions with us for church. So I finally got to speak some English and man it was so nice. Anyways during priesthood we were having a discussion of the power of repentance. Brother Sessions shared a scripture and Brother Flores just started to cry and say that he will not be missing anymore church from now on because he knows that it will bless him and his family. After church we went to go teach the Celestial family. They are the ones who live in this little compound with all of their family and it is in the middle of all these rice fields. So we were walking to there house and then we see that they are planting all the rice which means that all the path ways and walkways are covered with water so I just rolled up the old pants and headed in the middle of knee deep rice fields. So half way there the kids see us and I just see about 15 little kids running or swimming at us and as soon as they get to me they just swarmed over me, so just imagine me walking in knee deep muddy water with 3 kids on one arm and 3 on the other and I am holding them above the water hahah it was soo fun. So as we get closer I am getting more tired so right as we get there I just let my arms drop and all these kids just fall into some water, it was so funny and they are all laughing so hard. We taught a great lesson and then everything that happened, happened all over again.
Other than that just a normal week in the field for a missionary here in the Philliys. 
We also got a dog, I just forgot to take a picture of it. I know that if I keep doing what I need to that you will all will be safe. Tell everyone that I love them and pray for them.                           
Love your slightly skinnier son,
Elder Swanton

Zone Conference
Shorts Pants

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Elders Swanton, Larson and Corenel

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