Monday, June 22, 2015

Fathers day

After church chilling with the boys.
Update from Jacob...


Week three down here in Tigbauan and man it was not one of the best
ones we have ever had. Ok, so I had better answer moms questions before
I get into trouble. Yes I have people to talk to, in my apartment
there is Elder Chapman from Utah and in the district down the road
that we see quite often there is Elder Stevens from Hawaii and Elder
Ananga from Kiribati, so it has been a good time with all of them.

And now to the Email HAPPY FATHERS DAY DAD. Man I wish I could have
been there for one of the famous fathers days in the Swanton house. I
really did miss it, all the kids fighting in the morning before church
and dad coming in and saying "Happy Fathers Day? Is this all you want to do is fight?
thank you very much" but I really can't do it
justice from all the way over here, but I am laughing either way
hhahaha. And then after church dad gets happy because mom
has usually left dinner up to him and that means steaks and potatoes
and that is it. Man I really do miss steaks. Anyway dad I will just
pick something up over here and bring it home so it will be a
surprise so just tell me what you would be wanting and just remember
that almost anything is possible.

Wow I read the email that mom sent and man do you guys ever have
anytime to rest or anything that sounds like the craziest schedule
that I have ever heard. But somehow you are able to pull it off.

Things over here are good and we are finally starting to have some
progress in our area. After we had both fasted this last Sunday when
we got to church we had 3 investigators at church and they were all
new people that we had never even met and they wanted to be taught and
baptized so we will be getting on that. We also have some super
inactive people come back to church for the first time in a while and
that was a true miracle for us. Other than that just a week of
rejection and not to many friendly people. I think I heard from the
office elders that this is one of the only areas in the mission were
the Catholic church is so strong that when you give a Book of Mormon
the people will give it right back and yes I have experienced that
this week but it is just all fuel to the fire of the work.

Congrats to both of my brothers on your moving up the ranks in the
priesthood, Army of God. Just think about what you do everyday and Michael now
that you can drive does not mean that you stop listening to mom and
dad. Even though I am all the way over here, don't make me come there
and set you boys in place. I love you both and keep being the best you
can and Keep Reppin the Swanton name right when you get to high
school. I did a lot of work and don't tear it all down, I trust you.

The Pictures are of our yard after the home owner came and asked if
they could sweep the yard. They ended up cutting down all four of our
fully grown trees. So yeah, I don't know what happened there. The other
is of my boys after church.

Well mom that is really it, we will just keep pushing forward .
I love you all and dad, Happy Fathers Day.

Love Elder Swanton

Landlord extreme sweeping aka... defoliation....

Peace be with you...

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