Tuesday, June 2, 2015

He wants to be a gardener...

Updates from Jacob...

Dear Family,

I would call this the last week in Bugasong and man it is really turning out to be bittersweet. I want more than anything to go to somewhere completely new but on the other hand my people are here  and close to 7 months of my life is right here. Its funny that when I first got here I wanted to get out more than anything, but now after working our butts off I don't want to leave haha. Especially since this last week has really been a lot of work for me and the comp we have been prepping two baptismal candidates for Wednesday and only one will be getting baptized, but he is more than ready and he just has to get work off. He asked me to baptize him the last time we met with him and of course I said that I would love to. 
All I can hope is that after I leave he will stay true to the faith and never give up no matter how hard it gets. We have just started to teach his family as well and they are all coming to church and progressing so it is really hard for me to leave them. I don't want to let someone else finish my work and that is something that I need to work on. My mentality is that I want to be the Gardener, I want to till the ground and then I want to help plant the seed and then when the time is right I want to see the harvest but in the mission field most of the time you just are the Planter and not the Harvester. But the Lord has a plan and I just need to follow were ever it takes me, it has also been hard saying goodbye to the many people I have had the privilege to meet and be apart of their lives. People here in Antique could be some of the best in the world and I will promise that. 

No mom the package has not gotten here and man I hope that it does not get here until after transfers. So that when I get to my new area I will have a package to welcome me in but that is only a wish and it might get here in time. Yeah we heard he news and that is terrible but on the other hand it just means that his time was up and he was needed on the other side. OK for the news of what else we did with our week. This last week we have really been meeting with this American in our branch. His name is Bubba Sonneir and he is from Mississippi and he is less active. But I can say that these last couple weeks that we have spent with him have really been great and I pray that some day he will make his way back to church and maybe back to the states.   We also went to a crazy cool cave in Sibalom today and it was super cool. It was super hard saying good by to the members and investigators but I know that the Lord will watch over them and my bata will get work done. 

I am just super excited for what is to come and I cant wait to tell you all about the baptism and the new area.

Elder Swanton

Sibalom cave

Chow time

Sibalom cave

Cool Sibalom cave with Elders

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