Monday, July 6, 2015

Rugby and dyslexia and ya more rain....

Update from Jacob...

Dear Family,

Alright, wow it seems like every week you guys back home might have had
a crazy week like me. I can say that I miss all the crazy family
adventures that you all had. I wish that I could go back and join yall
on a couple more of them but there is always the future.

Alright well to start things off I have now officially been introduced
to the rainy season and for all of you who think that you have seen
rain, just come on over and I will show you. Non stop rain for the last
6 days and at some points we are praying for it to stop just long
enough for us to run were we need to. Ok so on Tuesday we had zone
training and I finally got to see Elder Larson and that was super
sick. He is doing great and his area is right next to University of
the Philippines to he gets to speak alot of English. He is loving it
and his comp is from Canada and who does not love Canada. Anyways when
we got home is when the rain really started to come down we worked
until we were soaking wet and them headed home to try to dry off.
Speaking of drying off, well as you might have thought when it is cold
and rainy our clothes have not been drying as fast as we would like.
We have improvised with fans all over the house, it is not as

Yes to answer dads question me and my comp have found the one thing
that we both love to do and that is exercise, so every morning and
every night me and him get in some P90x and maybe some rugby tossing
if we have time. That is one thing I did not think would happen is my
love for rugby to develop. Ever since I got here we have been playing
ever p day. Which reminds me of today, this morning we had the
opportunity to have a multi zone activity. 5 zones got together at
this park with some grass and we had the most intense games of
Ultimate Frizz-bee and Rugby that I have ever seen. Half way through
the game it started to rain and that just made it even funner. I will
send a pic of that next week.

Yeah as for our week just consisted of us trying to work and trying
not to get super sick from all of the rain but who knows what will
happen. Another bit of news is that I am pretty sure that I have
developed Dyslexia and it has steadily gotten worse since I have
gotten here. This week some of the elders told me that I have really
got to work on my reading because when I read at zone training no one
could understand me I was mumbling so bad and it was because the words
were all backwards. I really don't know but its kinda funny that I get
one more thing to overcome while I am out here. Thank goodness for
spell check or I would be in some real trouble.

This week with all the spare time I have started to dive into the
scriptures and the life of Jesus Christ. Every day some of his
teachings in the new testament just amaze me. He taught so simply that
even the children understood him and that is a true teacher. I am
forever grateful for what he did for me and all that has come from
his life and teachings. I love you all and Happy fourth of July.

Love Elder Swanton

The Pics are of me and Elder Larson and two days ago my comp came in
and said Elder, I made pancakes, he had the biggest smile and I said
yeah that is exactly what they should look like. Sooo funny. Also got
a letter from one of my recent converts back in Bugasong made my day,
How I miss the Sanol Family. Also a pic of Elder Chapman the other American in my house.
Elder Swanton and Elder Larsen

Elder Swanton and Larsen


Elder Chapman

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