Monday, July 27, 2015

With responsiblities comes....well more.

Updates from Jacob....

Dear Family,

Alright, well its good to know that you did not have any wifi service last
week because I was waiting for the email and then I thought about it
and was like they probably don't have a way to send that out. It's ok, I really wish I could have been at the reunion it sounded like a super
fun time. That is funny that Dax followed Micheal because I remember
when Karter used to follow me around. I miss all the cousins and the

Tell the Uncles that they better make room in the races for me and
Micheal when I get home and then they will see what real speed and
endurance is hahah. I am way happy that you all got to spend some time
together with all the Uncles and Aunts. I sure do miss that, I cant
wait to get home and take Ethan and Michael on some sweet road trips.
You guys are funny, its seems that you are always tired and just
barley awake and yet sometimes your schedule seems more busy than
mine. I hope that you can all keep it up till I get home and are not
tired because when I get home is when the real party starts.

Alright so now its time for me to get down to business. This week was
super fun and at the same time it was one of the hardest weeks that I
have had. To start the week we had District meeting and I had the
opportunity to teach my first DL lesson. I decided to teach it on
something that most of the Elders and Sisters in the mission are
having problems with and that is Budgeting your money. I know, don't
laugh, you must all wonder how I could teach that since I am terrible
with money, but to my knowledge I am one of the best at it. I never
thought it, but I just woke up one day and said that I can do this and
I have not had to withdrawal personal money since and that has been
something that I don't want to ever do again. Anyways the lesson went
great and I added my own twist by handing out packets of laundry soap
as prizes. Most of the district was super thankful because they did
not have money for that soap on their own. It is my mark as a DL. I
think most of them loved it and it was super fun to bring it all back
to the Gospel and how we need to always be thinking about it and not
just let it all slip away. The next thing that happened was I had the
sweet experience of giving a deaf girl her baptismal interview. I
guess the gift of tongues is real because I was really able to
understand her through the spirit. I also learned a ton about sign
language and really feel good about learning it again.

The rest of the week was followed by the super hard stuff. My comp
and I have been having problems with the language barrier and it has
really interfered with the work. It even came to the point that my
comp called the Mission President and asked for a transfer. I saw the
call but just decided that it would be better for him to work this out
for himself. We went out to work that day and had a super good day and
it was great because we found some new people to teach and they seem
way excited to learn. The next day the APs showed up for a surprise
visit. I was caught doing some laundry because I had no more garments.
they were not to happy about that but when I explained the whole thing
they understood and then we worked with them for the rest of the day.
I got the whole story from them and it was all good. I have just
really lost some respect. In this mission and in life it is important
to address people to their face and not to talk about them behind
their back. It can lead to not the best of things happening but in
this instance it all worked out and we were able to have a good talk
and we are both going to try to become better.

I have really been searching the scriptures for answers this last
week. That was the only place I could think to go for answers, when I
was reading in the New Testament about all the things that Paul was
able to accomplish because he did what the Lord asked and did not
question. He took the Gospel to people that had never had it and were
at that time the ones that no one wanted to teach. I really found some
comfort in all his many adventures and how he never stopped.

I love you all so much,
Elder Swanton

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