Thursday, September 10, 2015

Church issues new mission cars in Philippines!

Updates from Jacob....

Dear Family,

Well this week was full of tracting and tracting and guess what more
tracting. But on the bright side I can say that I could not be having
any more fun. This week has been some of the funnest times in my
mission. On a more real note, I don't think that I have ever been this
tired in my whole mission either. One thing that we made a goal was
the first few day we would walk for the most part our whole area. So
this week was a lot of long long day that turned into long nights.

So some info about my companion his name is Elder Mudrow and he is
from Bountiful Utah and went to Woods-Cross High school. He has been
on his mission about 3 more months than me and we are a pretty good
team. He has no fear so our new favorite past time is Oyming the
biggest houses that we can find. With that in mind we had some crazy
cool things happen this week.

So on Tuesday I had the opportunity to teach district meeting again
and it went well. I taught about how we all need to fulfill our
Purpose. I think that sometimes over in these high baptizing missions Elders and sisters get too caught up in the numbers and not in the
people. I would rather have 5 baptisms instead of 50 if I knew that
those 5 would never leave the church and they would get closer to
their Savior Jesus Christ. It was hard for me to share that, but the
spirit was strong and I feel like all my District felt the same way.

Wednesday we headed out early in the morning, something that we have
been doing more and more often. Anyway we went to follow up with
someone we talked to the night before. His name was Melvin and he is a
Seaman and over here that means that he has a good amount of money.
When I got to his house the first thing that I noticed was that he has
a Pink 1969 Beetle out front and also that his house was just like an
American house.  He told us to come out back and meet his friends,
they were all chill and spoke English well. Then he asked us if we
wanted to see his armory?? I said heck yeah the next thing I know he
is showing us. Come to find out they
thought I was a Marine over here on a Business trip. So then we told
them about why we are here and what our purpose is. They said we could
come back anytime and see them.

The rest of the week we just worked with some of the members which has
never been done here because the members were in the other Elders area
but now we see them every day. They are going to help us work with
some families so that we can really start to help this branch. As a
result of our hard work last week some people asked us to come back
and share more about what are church can do for them. I really feel
the greatest joy of this work is telling people how they can be with
their families for ever. Family is not just a here and now kinda
thing. It can last forever if we do the right things while we are here
on earth.

The last thing that I would like to share is a experience that I had
today while I was hanging off the back of a jeepny. We were coming
back from our basketball in Miag-ao, and the guy standing next to me
asked what we were doing in the Philippines. I told him who we were
and what we were doing here. He then asked me what makes our church
different then the others. I told him about how we believe the gospel
is centered around families and also the atonement of Jesus Christ. He
said that he was looking for a church that could help his family and
teach his kids the right things to do. Now mind you that this is all
while traveling 50 miles an hour and standing on the back small rails
holding on for dear life. But despite all that we were still able to
have a talk about the gospel and how is can bless his life.

Anyway long story short I got his name and number and said that the
missionaries would be coming to see him very soon and he said alright
he would be waiting. If anything this week is a testament that people
have been waiting their whole life to hear our message. And all it
takes is one second to share it with them.
Happy Labor Day weekend family and keep the missionaries in your
prayers. Cause you know you are all in ours.

Love your Son,
Elder Jacob Swanton

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