Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Last Man Standing

Updates from Jacob....

Dear Family,

Happy birthday old man I think I was a little bit early last week so I
will hit it one more time. I hope you all celebrated it well and did
not have to much fun with out me. Mom, don't worry I will try to answer
all of your questions in this very crazy email.

Alright so now I will try to get the whole week in this one email. So
yes the rainy season is coming to an end and that means that the sun
and the heat have moved right on in.

Ok so now onto the week, so we thought that only Elder Chapman would
be transferring. So the whole week we have just been working and
trying to get our investigators to come to church and progress. So now
we are on Wednesday night, we all headed to Guimbal to have a farewell
dinner for Elder Chapman and Elder Stevens. When all of a sudden the
clock stuck 9 pm and I got the transfer text from the Zone Leaders. The
next thing I know my whole house was on the transfer list and just
like that I was alone in Tigbauan. I would have never thought that President would transfer my whole house. So that night was crazy all
three of them were frantically trying to get all there stuff packed up
and ready for transfer meeting the next morning. Plus we had to head
to an FHE with the Lopez family one of our less actives, I guess you
could call it the unofficial Last supper because they all thought they
would be staying one more transfer but in the end Elder Swanton is the
last man standing . I feel bad because Elder Padua and I were just
starting to have a great time and really get the work moving smoothly
but I guess the Lord has a time table for everyone in the mission and
ours was over.

When I woke up the next morning it felt weird to think that I would be
getting another comp and I have only been here for 2 transfers. But
we loaded up that morning and headed for the Mission home. When I got
there it was like a family reunion, I got to see all my brothers in
the mission and we also got to meet all the new white sisters that
came in and you will never guess where they are from... Utah. Anyways
as the meeting went on I had a feeling that I might get a white
companion. The next thing I know The APs say that my new comp Is Elder
Mudrow from Bountiful Utah and he is a fireball of fun. His last area
was the island of Guimeras and now he is in heaven in the city with
all these people to teach. We have already been attacked by two dogs
and had the rain shut us down for a day.

I can feel that this transfer is going to be different, we are going
to have some success if it kills us. We also had a record breaking day
at church with a total of 53. Now the next goal is getting my comp
back to perfect health because right now he is trying to get over the

It sounds like you all had a great week and I hope that even though
you are all busy you will keep up the scripture study and prayer. I
love you all and not a day goes by that I don't think about each and
every one of you.

Love your Son,
Elder Swanton

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