Monday, October 26, 2015

Change is simple!

Update from Jacob....

My people,

Well this week has been full of surprises and also some of the hottest
days that I have seen in my mission. Also we were really able to see
how hard work can help the lives of all those that you serve.

Monday we all went into the city and I bought some new pant material.
It is crazy how cheap you can get a pair of pants made here compared
to buying a pair back home. We always have a good time heading into
the city, just a bunch of missionarys that have no idea were we are
going. Anyways so when I get them all done I will send you a pic of
all of them.

Tuesday we all had to head to the mission office to have interviews
and 72 hour kit checks. I also had the opportunity to teach a combined
district meeting. My topic was to pump up the Districts for the next
couple months. I guess you could sum it up in just a small statement.
Change is Simple! If we all want to be the best that we can be then we
should just put aside our worldly needs and just get to work. In other
news our interviews with President went well.

For the rest of the week we really tried to focus on our families. The
Delacruiz family is progressing so well and they are always asking so
many questions when we go and teach them. We are thinking of extending
a date for them on the 25th of December. The other family that we are
teaching is the Duga Family. Their only problem is that Sunday is the
market day here and they go to market and sell all of their fruit. So
if we can get them to sell in the afternoon then they will be
baptized real quick.

I am really loving the work over here right now and its crazy how long
I have been out here. I will say that one year really flew by and I
don't know how fast this one will be, but I hope it slows down a little
bit. I cannot wait to get back though and start the life. Me and Elder
Larson have already made the decision that we will be wedding singers.
So family and friends keep in mind that right now we are tuned into
the spirit of music so our creative minds are rolling. But yeah, we are
really having a good time with it.

I love you all,

Elder Swanton

Ox spa, ya they love it.

Elders are to scale.

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