Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Back to work

My People,

My week this week was what you would call recuperation from the
craziness of last week. Right after the Christmas Conference got over
I ended up coming down with some crazy strong head cold that knocked
me out for the last couple days.  So I will go through my healing
process and all that has happened to us over here in MOLO Town.

Thursday was a bad day for me I woke up after getting no sleep that
night and to top it all off it was raining cats and dogs over here.
But for real there was a massive cat brawl on the roof that woke me up
and then the dogs started up. When we finally got out the house
Heavenly father just sent us a nice afternoon full of lessons and
miracles. When we got to our best Appointment I was for sure he would
not be there. His name is Jonathan and he not your average
investigator, he is covered in Tattoos and Piercings he is also
missing most of his right hand. Our lessons with him have been so sick
and this time he accepted a baptismal date and for us that is huge.

Friday was our ward Christmas Party and if yall have not seen the
video of me and my bros hitting the dance floor just look at my moms
face book. It was too much fun to get all the ward and the many less
actives together and have just so much fun. We also had 6
Investigators come to the Christmas Party and mingle with the ward
members and participate in the games and dances.

Saturday was just a  day for us to sleep and hydrate this
sickness right out of my body. For the most part it worked and Sunday
we were able to get out and get after it.

Sunday did not work out how we wanted it to, unfortunately we did not
have any of our investigators come to church. But I guess we just need
to think about the real conversion and not our timetables. I think
that is one thing that I have come to understand is that no matter how
great we are at teaching people have the choice to accept the message
or not and they control their own destiny's.

Today however was another story, me and the comp woke up real early to
head on another road trip with the APs. Elder Craythorne and Elder
Doorman are the sickest APs this mission has ever seen we jumped in
the car and headed up to North Zone. After some Disney movie madness
we all headed over to SM City to have some Real American Burgers at
Zarks. Now we had heard that there was a burger eating challenge
called the Jaw Breaker so you all know that I was the first to sign
up. That is the picture I will send home is the form me and Elder
Tolman had to sign, it said we could die. Unfortunately I was not able
to stuff 3 pounds of greasy burger and pipping hot Steak Fries into my
mouth but we vowed that next time I would hit it.

I am so excited to see all of you and be able to feel and see the
crazyness that is so far and yet to close to my heart every day. Christmas
is hard to be away from family and for the first time in a long time I
really wish that I could do the holidays with all of you back home. I
love you all and know this work it true. I would not be anywhere else
in the world, besides someone has to be here in MOLO talking to these
crazy people and seeing these crazy things.

Love Your Son,

Elder Swanton

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