Monday, December 7, 2015

Fasting is way cool

Updates from Jacob...

Dear family,

  I can say one of the saddest things ever is that fact that I have
not seen of felt the snow in so long now. For anyone who has been out
of the country to a tropical place you know that the year is so hard
to understand because the seasons never change. Over here it's just hot
and then it's hot and raining. I miss the seasons so much and I am super
pumped to get to see some fall this next year. This was a good week
for me and my comp we have finally started to see some results after
all the hard work we have been putting in. We had two big things
happen this week so I will cover those and some other little things.

Wednesday was by far the coolest thing that I have ever been able to
be apart of. So as most of you know Elder Larson and I have been in
the same zone for our whole mission and that means we are basically
family. The APs called us and asked us if for the Mission Christmas
Conference we wanted to Be the MCs. We said yes and came in and had a
meeting with the office staff and APs. Me and Larson came up with the
sickest plan, you could say that me and elder Larson are in charge of
the Christmas Conference so we are going to make it something that the
mission can never forget. We have also been given the Opportunity to
be able to sing at the conference. Also as most of you know I have a
secret love for music and this will be so fun for me and Larson to
write and then sing some original songs. We have the whole mission so
pumped for it and we also have some super sick outfits picked out so
be ready for the best pics ever next week.

Saturday we went out and taught some new people and we had some really
good success for the first time in a while. I just can't help but smile
when I think back on all the fun and crazy things that happen to me
and my comp. We are two of the most opposite people ever and yet we
have the most fun. He is super quiet and does not say much and well
you all know me' I just can't stop talking and ever since I hit the
mission field I feel no fear' so we get into some crazy situations. He
always just smiles and watches me try to talk my way out of
conversations with old crazy Ladies, very gay cross dressers, and the
drunk of drunks. I think that is why I have so much fun  because we
both just go for it and that means the possibility are endless.

Sunday was full of some Miracles for the ward of Molo. We had started
out fast the day before so that we could have some of our
investigators come to church and progress and when we got to sacrament
there was none there. Me and my comp just started to pray that
someone would come. Half way through our Investigator that will be
baptized next week walked through the door and right behind her was a
super less active sister we have been visiting. I just looked up and
said thank you. My comp just smiled and said in broken English "Fasting
is way cool."

I am loving my time here and man it is starting to fly by and that is
super cool and super scary. Love the emails and keep them coming and
keep being very intricate with the information.

Love your Son,
Elder Swanton

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