Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July

Dear Family,

Happy 4th of July to all the people back home in the US of A. Things here are just not the same without American flags everywhere I look and people getting up to the mountains for some prime rid

ing time. I miss the valley lighting up with lights and the family getting together with so much food. But the only place I would be is right here in the Philippines. Not to much to report this week but I will do my best to make it interesting for yall. 

Wednesday was by far the most random awesome day in a long time. We woke up that morning with a call from one of the members asking us to come to a wedding later on in the afternoon. We were pumped because that means free food and we can talk to so many people so fast. About 4 hours later Elder Dapat showed up at our house saying that we would all be singing in the wedding. I could not help but laugh, looks like my wedding singing career is starting sooner than I thought. The song we chose to do was All of me by John Legend. When we got to the wedding there were so many people there. It was such a beautiful wedding on the beach and the weather was so perfect not to hot and not to cold just right. The food was just outrageous and never ending. There was even a chocolate fountain, to say we ate our weight in food is an understatement. Then the bride and groom got up to dance we were called to the front and sang. It was so cool to get out and sing again and Elder Fa'alavelave and Elder Dapat are really good so we sounded really good. I will send you some pics next week cause I need to copy them from the member and we have the wedding video from the couple they loved the song and were so nice they even gave us some cake to take home. 

Sunday we had a great turnout for church. For the 3rd week in a row we have had 5 people come to church, witch means in July we will be having some baptisms and also in August. Brother Sonny came again with his family as well as Sister Zamino and Sister Anna Vanessa. The ward has really been coming together to help us further the work here in Numancia. We love heading out to work because we know the members are going to help us when we get people to church and they will do all they can to make these new people feel welcome. Later in the evening we got to go and visit some of my favorite members and less active families. Right now we are doing a Book of Mormon challenge with most of the families in the ward. We give them a BOM and they find a family or individual that is ready for the gospel then they come with us to teach the person. As of right now the ward seems like they are ready to go out and find. 

I am loving this area and the ward. Every day we go out the Lord is guiding us and giving us opportunities to grow and become the best Missionary s we can be. If things keep going like they are I am going to request to our new Mission President Cruz that this is my last area. I feel like the longer I stay here the more the ward will trust and help us. 

I love yall and will send you some more pics next week. I cant wait to get home and see all of the friends and family, but first things first I have a mission to finish. 

Love your son and wedding singer, 
Elder Jacob Swanton

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