Sunday, July 24, 2016

We are to be challenged

Dear Family,

You might call this week a sick week for us over here in Numancia. At the Beginning of the week one of the Elders in Malay was admitted to the hospital with an Amoeba or a water bacteria thing. Anyways we spent the next couple days with him helping him understand the nurses and doctors, we also had to go get the meds at the many pharmacies in the area. 

Wednesday we had a zone training were we learned that the mission is really trying to change and get back to following the White Hand Book. It seems the last couple years things have changed and kinda went away from the things that we are supposed to do. It was good somethings are going to be hard to do but even this old dog can learn some new tricks haha. 


Friday I was able to get my hands on a huge concrete weight set one of the other elders in the zone had but was not using. It was a pain to get it to the house but the last couple days I have been hitting it pretty hard. So much for coming home looking the same. We also were able to teach Brother Sonny and his family. It looks like his baptism will be postponed because he has some things in his past that will take some serious time to clear up. But even with all that I could not be more happy with the progress he is making. 

Saturday we had a baptismal interview with Sister Zaminio and it went great she passed and will be baptized by her son on the 23rd of July. I am glad that even though this week we have had some problems with our investigators we still have some solid people that want this gospel. The rest of the night we spent at the hospital with the Malay elders. His tests will be back on Sunday and then they can head back to their area and get back to work. 

Sunday was one of the saddest days I have had this transfer. Church went alright but we had about 4 investigators not come and that made us wonder what was the matter with them. After church my comp got really sick and passed out on the couch. I went on splits with one of the young men in the ward. When we got to our appointments we saw them drunk and out dancing with all their neighbors in a nearby field. My heart felt so sick we have been trying so hard with this family and to see how powerful Satan is just made me feel sick. We spent the rest of the evening visiting less actives and teaching them about how important the Book of Mormon is. 

I love you all and cant believe that we are under 100 days now until this Elder comes home. I'm not Trunky I'm just accurate hahah. Hope everyone has a good week and can see the blessings all around them. 

Elder Swanton

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