Sunday, November 16, 2014

First 2 weeks at the MTC

According to Jacob in his own words..... The first day you are here is just a blur. They have you running from building to building just grabbing loads of paper and books. It's crazy! When I finally get to class, the maestro does not speak any English to us at all. I met my companion. He is from Texas and he is very skinny, haha. His name is Elder Jacob Frandsen. We had branch meeting on the second night there, which is a combination of 2 districts. They stated they were going to call new district leaders and senior companions. All of a sudden, I got hot and sweaty. I was thinking, please oh please not me, I am not ready. I don't even know what the heck is going on here. The branch president comes to my companion and I. He says, "Elders let's take a walk." We went with him and he said, "I know this is a lot but Elder Swanton I want you to be the district leader and your companion the senior companion." The next morning we went to the temple, which was good!

The next week Jacob's email stated...... As a district leader, I have leadership meetings 3 times a week and they are all about how to keep the district in line and make sure people learn to take care of themselves. My P-days is Friday and they go by way too fast if you ask me. I only have 1 hour on the computers. So the food here is not as good as everyone says. Like it is just the same rotation day after day, so yeah that would be why I have already lost 15 pounds.

The latest email stated.... Five days ago, I sprained my ankle way bad, like I tore some ligaments I think. It was hurting so bad, so that night I got a blessing from one of my brothers in my district. Here I am walking around and being me again, although I have not went to play basketball again. I have been hitting the gym hard instead. I also got my first MTC haircut. I walk in there and ask for a haircut. The lady sits me down and says where are you going and when do you leave? I told her and then she just started buzzing away. I was like what the frick are you doing, but it ended up being a dang good haircut! Anyways, I love you all and kabalo ako that Jesus Christo is maluluwas and he will always buligan us!

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