Sunday, November 23, 2014

Teaching the Gospel and Luchadors at the MTC?

 Update from Jacob........

Ok, here we go... this was one heck of a week, to start off we had TRC which is where we teach people from the Philippines. It was crazy hard but I loved it. I spoke more Ilonggo that I even thought I knew. Then like two nights later we all came back to the room and we start wrestling around a little bit. Then in no time we were all out in the common area, just having this massive wrestling match. I was being the host and the first match took place and then it was over. We went looking for other people to wrestle. This poly elder I know there said that he would wrestle if I would and so we both went to the center of the circle of more that 100 Elders. Right after we started I hear this guy screaming at us to stop and don't move. So we were just chilling there and he came up and he took a picture of me and the other poly. Then he said he wanted all of the District leaders and Zone leaders outside. So I was like o man I am in so much trouble. So we are all outside and then he comes out and starts to yell at us and then he is just like"well don't ever do it again!" So we barley escaped that one but that was the highlight of the week here for sure.
   I am just ready to get out of here and get over there. We just got a new district in our branch and they are all islanders and they speak little to no English. So it has been interesting. We all discovered the cafeteria down stairs at the temple and now we all wake up early to go and eat there and then get to the session. Speaking of which I have seen all of the movies and they are all pretty good. I like the newest one though it is way better and you actually want to stay awake for it.

After a session

Typical breakfast- yes, pie too!
Rockin suspenders

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