Friday, November 28, 2014


Update from Jacob......
Well, first off Happy Thanksgiving. This week has been a rough one to say the least. To start off on Tuesday, we had a devotional and the whole day we heard rumors that we might see a general authority. So as usual, my zone and I show up way early so we can get the back seats that have the most leg room. So right before the devotional started, a lady asked us to move down to the bottom by the stage. Just as we sit down at the bottom, the doors open and Elder Oaks came in and everyone stands up. He gave a great talk on how as missionaries we need to be the instruments in the hands of the Lord. It was the first devotional that I did not fall asleep in. So yeah that tells you just how amazing it was. Ok, now for the news, I was released from being a District Leader and this Elder in my district was called. 
So now onto Thanksgiving day, so we wake up late because we did not have any activities happening that morning. We walk over to 19m, the building where we have Devotionals and stuff.  So we are in the normal seats and then the doors open and Elder Bednar walks in and he is smiling and waving. The whole MTC was just pumped to be there. His wife gave a great talk about how we need to be diligent and be humble. So then Elder Bednar stands up and says he is going to do a question and answer session. He gets his family to hand out like three hundred cell phones and people could just text in questions. As you might expect, a lot of people asked dumb stuff but there were a few great ones that he answered like a true servant  of God would. He truly is an apostle of God. I am so privileged to have heard both of those men talk to us. 
In other news, thank you so much for all the stuff in the package they were greatly needed, I just wear my hat and sweatshirt around they make me feel right at home. All the guys say I just look like a college kid cause I wear around my Jordan backpack and my shorts and hat and my shoes. It's awesome. I miss home but this place is a pretty good place to be I guess. Me and my comp are having some crazy good success. It is so cool to see how the Holy Ghost can help us in our every day lives.  Well also I got my flight plans and I will have to tell you later about those, but it really feels like it's real now. The whole trip at the MTC is winding down and I am so excited to get out and teach my people of the Philippines. 
Elder Swanton

Thanksgiving Service Project

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