Sunday, December 21, 2014

Bugasong, my home away from home!

Jacob's report from his new area:

Well hey family,

Wow,  to say that these past few weeks have been crazy would be an understatement. First off, let's just say this country was made for little people. I have hit my head so many times and also have broken three benches, which has been super fun to explain to people what happened to them. OK, so to answer dad's questions. Dad, all we did in Manila was go to the immigration office and get our fingerprints. No, the MTC in Manila did not really teach us anything. We were just in this classroom the whole time. We would wake up, get in the vans, and head there to the MTC. Then at night, we got in the vans and went back to the hotel. Here's the good part, so we get to Iloilo and meet the mission president and he is very short and very nice. So, we are all waiting around and they have all these other missionaries come in and sit down. Then, they tell us all to go stand on one wall and the trainers on the other. I was assigned to the Antique Zone and it's the Bugasong A District. They also speak Kari-a here, which guess what is nothing like Illongo at all, so yeah its been like starting all over again. This place is the most namit place in the world; on one side of the road is just rice fields and mountains and on the other side of the road is the big blue ocean just beating on the shore. 
Ok, now on to the people. So the people here are so dang nice. It's amazing they all say mayad ng aga, or hapon , or gab-i. For you Americans that is morning, noon, and night. It's so freaking hot here like all of you would die in a heart beat. I don't even know how I am able to do things here, but I just keep going. Ok, so on Christmas, we have 3 people getting baptized and they are all little kids. I am so excited for them and we get to baptize them in the ocean. My companions name is Elder Olivar and he is from the Philippines and it's has been very hard to say the least.

Well, anyways, yeah that's what has been happening here. We walk close to twelve miles a day and its all up hill through the rocks or its on the beach. I feel as soon as I can get this language down that I might be able to fully love the work. As for now, I am just getting through the days and trying to learn as I go. I love you all.  Here are some pictures of my area and things that have been happening. I love you all and till next week.
Love, Elder Swanton

Manilla Temple

One side of the road is just rice fields and mountains....

Elder, you can't swim home for the holidays!

Elder Larson and I hanging out on the beach.

On the other side of the road is the big blue ocean, just beating on the shore.

Elder Olivar, my first companion in country.

Beautiful sunset

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