Friday, December 19, 2014

So I am leaving on a jet plane....

Updates from Jacob....

(Jacob had to fly from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles then on to Hong Kong and finally to Manila)

Well I'm just sitting in the Hong Kong Airport and my phone card will not work so I am emailing. We just had a 15 hour flight and it was very long and I had to watch "The Secret life of Walter Mitty." Other than that we woke up so early yesterday morning and started to travel and now just wait for a little bit before we board. I love you all and can't wait to call on Christmas. Sorry if I was not able to call, but just know that I love you all.

(Jacob arrived in Manila MTC)

Ok, so we got here just fine. It was a hassle and as soon as we got to the airport I transferred my money and we got on to a bus and rode to the MTC. We got here they told us that we were not going to be staying at the MTC, we are staying at a hotel down the road. It is nice and the food is nami gid, They are telling me now that I have to get off, but I want you all to know I'm fine and this will be the best two years in my life.

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