Saturday, December 6, 2014

MTC coming full circle now...

Jacobs update from last week....

Well family what a week. I would like to start off by saying thanks mom for the shaver. Now my neck does not look like a bear tried to eat it. So this was my last full week in the MTC. I would say this has been a very boring week. The highlights would be we hosted the new missionary's on Wednesday and it was fun. Elder Williams and I helped these new Elders find there classes and rooms and then we got to miss some class so it was so worth it. I also got to leave campus because my companion is having sleeping problems. We got to walk outside of the MTC compound and walked down the road. It was so dang weird to be outside, like there were cars and people and we had to walk on the road. It was so crazy but in the end we survived. He got his medication which makes him loopy and he cant ever remember what we talked about the night before so its all good I guess.

As for the rest of this week, I really cant wait to get out to the field. We had an eight hour meeting yesterday called infield orientation. It was a long class that told us how to utilize  the members of the wards that we are going to for missionary work. I learned a lot about how to properly plan for the days to come. It was kinda hard to believe half of what they were saying because the program was catered for stateside missionaries. I was getting kinda upset cause all these Elders were like, "o man, we have been here so long like two weeks, is way to long to be here." I was just sitting in my chair just like "o man, you little children, don't even know whats going on.

 If I have to eat this cat-like food anymore I will be dead, I mean I am so excited to just eat like a little chicken and a mango for the rest of my mission, but whatever, I am just crazy I guess. Man as the week goes on I just think of how thankful I am for my family. I miss you all so much. It is just terrible, but I know that the Lord will  bless me for leaving you all for just two short years. I loved how elder Bednar put it" If you think about it, your family will love you more and be much more involved if you are away for two seasons. Their prayers will become more sincere and they will learn to love what they have and not what they want". This gospel is a blessing and I cant wait to share it with the people of the Philippines and all their family's. 
        Also we had the opportunity to Skyp some people from Iloilo and it was so cool. They speak so fast and to my amazement I could understand what they were saying. Now don't get me wrong it was very hard to speak back to them but I could understand what she was trying to say to me. Mom don't freak out but as we speak there is a massive typhoon hitting the Philippines. As we were Skyping last night the sister said she had to go because some of her things on her porch were flying away. So I might be getting there and starting all over and building some houses, which sounds like the best adventure of all to me. 
Tell Adeline that I love her and I am so proud that she is making this decision to be baptised and that the Lord will always be with her and that her big brother prays for her every night that she will be safe and sound. I love all of you and make sure all the grandparents are staying safe and bonus I will be able to email on Wednesday because that day we have off and will be able to email and do laundry before we leave, so yep that will do it and I will also send flight plans then I love you all and make sure if you are going to send letters that they get here before Wednesday night cause after that I will be off to never land. 
Elder Swanton
Pondering all things......


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