Monday, February 16, 2015

Hardest week so far.....

Update from Jacob...

Man, I am so thankful for family. To start with, this week was the hardest I have had since I have left home and just reading all the emails from the family has made all the difference this p-day. Oh and tell Aunt Jen that I got her package and that she is the best. Now to answer the questions, No, I have not gone in to get my clothes fixed. I will explain why in the rest of the email. Ok, so Tuesday we headed down to Iloilo for the trainer-trainee meeting and that was the worst ride of my life. The drive to Iloilo should take about 3 hours. This one was the worst bus we have ever seen. Also, when we were on the mountain pass, a gas tanker rolled so there was gas all over and just a bunch of dudes smoking camels cleaning it up. So yeah, not the best ride. To top it off, it was the last ceres (scheduled bus) for the night so we packed more people than should ever be on a bus. Ok, so we get there and I have the worst night ever. I think that I have picked up some kind of sickness, which is so fun and has gotten progressively worse and now is followed by some of the best LBM I have ever had. Haha, it's a joke cause I have never had it, but yeah I am just trying to get through that and have been pretty bedside for about two days. But mom don't worry, it's all good cause the Lord is with me and I got a blessing, so I should be good to go. Alright, so the meeting was good. It was so awesome to see all the bros from the MTC. I have included a picture of all the boys and also a picture of me and Elder Frandsen and also if you look in the corner you will see President just jumping one of our pictures. Yep, it's crazy to think I am just three weeks away from training or getting transferred.

So the news to report is the language is really coming cause my companion pulled a fast one on me this week. He just said, "You remember how you acted the first week?" and I said, "Yeah, I was useless." He said, "Yeah, that is how I am going to act for the rest of the time. Your in charge." Ever since then my teaching skills have just exploded. It sucks cause I am mad at him for it, but it's so good for me. So back to the meeting, the training was good, just kinda a repeat of the last meeting. We all just chatted and talked some mad chismiss or gossip, hahah. Sorry this email will be super random and I am just doing my best to remember the week. So on Thursday we headed back cause we had to speak at a funeral. What a day that was because we did not even know the guy. He was 22 and died of sleep apnea. Super sad! Then, we had to dedicate the grave at a Catholic cemetery. After that, we came home cause it was so dang weird and I needed to rest. Haha, but it's all good. Some other news, we have 5 projected baptisms on March 7. It's a whole family in that burunguy up in Tica. A side note on Tica, the whole place is infested with chicken pox, not good. I have never felt so bad for these little kids. They just want to come play games with us and they are just so tired and covered that they have to stay inside. I just spent my whole day up there carrying water for the old women and getting firewood for the families. Ok so yeah, this email might sound a little negative, but we are just doing our best to make the best of it. I love hearing about the family and make sure they all know that I pray for them every night. This has been without a doubt the hardest week since I got here but hey it's already over and guess what we just keep moving just like the gospel. When people don't want to listen, we move on. There are so many that want or need the gospel. They are just waiting for a bunch of 18-19 old kids to come teach them. 
I love you all and can't wait to hear from you again.
Love Elder Swanton


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