Monday, February 23, 2015

Staying in Bugasong to labor....

Updates from Jacob.....

Here we go, just two weeks left and man its gonna be long ones. So yeah mom, I am better and all I have is just a little cough, and its not bad cause everyone in our zone is sick. I must have been the first. Man it stinks that there is no snow back home cause you will never guess, its still as hot as heck here. So this week has been an ok week. To start we headed down to San Jose on Tuesday for interviews with the president. It was super interesting to say the least. He did not do individual interviews, he did companionship. That was super awkward. When he was like "what has your trainer taught you?" and I said "Well he has taught me the area and how to speak the language". But I think we have taught each other instead of him just simply teaching me. President said, so you feel like you know the area? I was thinking, well oh no I guess I am staying here. He said yep you are staying in Bugasong. I don't know if I will be training or will be getting a follow up trainer. That is the real mystery that me and Elder Larson are trying to figure out. Larson was told the same exact thing.
But yeah we are all just doing our best to make it through these last couple weeks.  We just take it a day at a time. O Yeah I forgot to say I found a crab, he is so sick and also the three cats that are in the back had kittens so nights here are long. All we hear is all the cats meowing all night long. Larson has about had it with them haha I think that it is super funny. But for the most part all of the week just went into getting our investigators ready for baptism. As of right now we will have five baptisms on March 7 and then the following week is transfers. I am super excited for the 7th it should be a great day. 
These past few weeks I have really been thinking about why I came over here, and what my purpose is. I read my Patriarchal blessing yesterday and it really got my mind back on track. I also read D and C 24:8 everyday with out fail. It just makes me feel good knowing that the lord will always be with me. I love hearing all the news of back home and I love all of you and hope that this next week will be a little better for you. I pray for you all every night and hope to hear from you again. Tell Micheal to keep up the good work with lacrosse and tell Ethan to get moving and get active haha. Tell adde that I love her and hope she is still growing out that hair. 
Love you mom and dad.
Elder Swanton

PS. The Pictures are of Tatay Celestial and his batchoy farm, and also of the Boutista family. We also took some Twilight pictures in the woods before a funeral. And of course Elder Larson captured a picture of me studying with Chester sleeping at my feet, this is an everyday thing. And Carlton the crab.


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