Monday, November 30, 2015

Feasting on the word

Updates from Jacob....

Dear Family,

I will be able to type more because my finger is back to normal, this
is the second time in my mission that I have gotten a really bad
injury and then it just heals real nice and fast. I think I am being
tested by Heavenly father to see how much I can take and how I will
react. I think you would all be proud to know that my anger is almost
not even apart of me anymore. I used to get mad at the smallest thing
but now its all gone because of all the crazy things that my mission
has given me.

Alright so now for the week, I will say that it was a good week even
though we did not get done all that we wanted to it was still fun.

Monday and Tuesday we did a lot of tracting and I have found out one
thing since I arrived here in the city. People can be really rude and
they don't care at all. My comp who has not been in the mission that
long asked me if this is how it is going to be for the rest of his
mission. I said its just the city and the places were people are too
busy to listen. I feel bad for this kid both of his first areas have
been not the best, but we are working hard to change that and have a
great time here in Molo.

Wednesday was the best day we had so far here in a while. We woke up
early to beat the traffic and make it to the Lapaz chapel in time for
our Multi-Zone Conference. It was so good to see all of the long lost
Elders and sisters in the far away places. It was so good for all the
missionary's to get together and have a great time listening to all
the training's and talks from our Mission President and the Aps. Elder
Craythorne gave a great training about how this new way of being a
missionary has really changed his mission for the better. I really
feel the same as him in the begining of my mission I was just trying
my hardest but it just was not enough and now we have all embraced PMG
and it has changed the way we work. We really felt the mood change
when Elder Doorman walked to the front and started his training. I
will say that this was the best training that I have ever heard in my
mission. He talked about how we need to forget the past and look to
the future. Yes at one point all the missionary's here were going
through the motions but not anymore, we need to follow PMG and do what
it says and then we will reap the Blessings and Baptisms. I walked
away from this training with the most I ever have since I got here.

Thursday we headed out to work and really had a fun day. My comp is
really new in the mission so its almost like training all over again.
It has really been fun for me to go trough this process again. I can
also say that my language has really made some steps to being very
good. I love when we can just go out and speak the language all day
with no problems. This time here has been a blessing for me to learn
how to lead the lessons and really help my teaching skills.

Saturday me and Elder Mirasol thought that we were going to get in
trouble because the night before President texted us saying that he
wanted us to come and meet with him. The first thing I thought about
was I have not done anything wrong since I got here and my comp was so
nervous. But when we showed up to the mission home it turns out that
we were  just asked to come and eat a Thanksgiving feast with
President. It was super fun because he invited a bunch of the other
elders and sisters so we had like a little party. But it was nothing
like the Feast we have back home and I would have traded it to be back
home any day.

Sunday was a good day for us we had one Investigator come to church
and that was Sister Catherine. She has a baptismal date that is for
December 12 and she could not be more excited for all over her sins to
be washed away. Those are her exact words so yeah its pretty cool. The
rest of the day was full of member Present lessons to new
investigators that have some really big potential.

We are loving the work and just trying to get ready for the future of
this mission. I love you all and this Thanksgiving I am grateful for
the opportunity to serve a mission and that my family is healthy and
Love your Son,
Elder Swanton

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