Thursday, January 14, 2016

Serve the people

Dear Family,

Well this week was full of ups and downs for us here in the city of
cities, but we were able to get through it and now we are working for
the next week to be super successful. My new comp is Elder Robertson
and he is from Utah down in Bountiful. I think the more I lose my self in
the work the better it will be for us in the end.

Tuesday I was able to work with the new missionary that I worked with
back in Molo and it was super fun and he has come a step or two since
I worked with him. We however did not get very much work done because
we are three tall white big men so to say that people were very scared
of us is an understatement. But in the end it was a great learning
experience for me and my comp. Its all up to the spirit to tell us who
and were to go.

Wednesday was the best day I have had in a while. We had what we call
a Zone Council and it was so much fun for me to be able to train about
all the crazy things in my mission that have made me who I am. It was
hard for me to train on the things I did because they have never been
my strong suits. I chose to talk about how Obedience brings blessings.
I really put it all out on the table, my whole past as a missionary
and all the struggles and trials that I have went through and came out
of. I said I know that I am new at this whole follow the rules thing
but I have a testimony that it will bring us closer to God and will
help us feel the spirit and see the blessing that come from it. It
went so well and I hope it helped all the missionary's that were
there. If I can do it then anyone can right hahah.

Sunday really helped me get through this week, for the first time in
my whole mission  a whole family of investigators came to church. It
feels so good to see the ward fellowship them and then there is just a
different feeling in the room. I feel at this point in my mission I am
really achieving my purpose and it feels good. I am able to go home
every night and say to my self good job, you did your very best to
bring people to the truth. I might add this is the best sleep I have
ever had either while I have been here.

My mission now is fulfilling and I hope and pray that if we keep it up
that I will be able to get on that plane with no regrets. I know that
it seems weird that all of a sudden I want to change and do the right
thing but I think that I got a second chance. I don't have to keep
going on with the motions now I can make something of the time I was
given over here.It is amazing to wake up every morning with a purpose
and a want to get out and help and serve the people around you. You
won't ever hear the words that Elder Swanton did not give his all in
the long run of his mission. I pray that things back home are going to
stay alright and that my family can stay healthy. I am thankful for
this opportunity to be a Missionary.

Love your son,
Elder Swanton

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