Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Time to reflect

Dear Family,

This week has been one of the most physically and mentally draining
weeks in my whole mission. I don't think a play by play will be the
right thing to do this week, I think instead I will just explain what
happened and how I was able to get through it.

The last couple weeks me and my comp have really just tried to get to
work and we have seen some crazy cool things happen in our area.
People I never would have picked to progress are coming to church and
are making changes that could have eternal effects. I had been having
these dreams about our family and it almost felt like it was in
another place. We were all together and it just felt like the biggest
warm blanket surrounding me every night.

When I got the call that Grandpa Swanton had passed away, it felt like
a ton of bricks just got piled on top of my heart. I could not
understand why I had these feelings that I would be able to see him
again. I was angry, why would heavenly father do this while I was out
on my mission. Could he not wait until I got home so that I could help
with all the aftermath. But then mom and dad called, during the call I
was not very manly. I have not cried like that for a long time. But
when I got off the phone a peace and calm came over me and I knew that
grandpa was in a better place. He left his broken body and went
looking for the perfect one promised long ago.

I'm sorry its not very long this week but I know that Grandpa is in a
better place and the rest of our family on the other side is teaching
him what he did not accept here on earth. I look forward to seeing him
again but not his old frail body, his strong perfect resurrected body
and hugging him. This gospel is perfect and I know that with all the
life that I have left. I know the lord wants me to become stronger and
a better missionary because of this experience. I love all of you and
will keep praying that you can all feel the same peace that I am

Love your son,
Elder Swanton
Grandpa Swanton-Air Force

Grandpa/Grandma Swanton with Elder Swanton at farewell

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