Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Focus and work hard

Dear family,

This was a super fun week and we have had so much success in our work
and in our companionship. As with mom and dad I am super tired as well
so I will do my best and see what I can remember.

Tuesday was a good and bad day for me and the new comp, we headed to
district meeting early. It was cool to meet the rest of our brand new
district. Elder Bowden taught a great lesson on how we can help the
members Hasten The work in our respective Wards. After we all went and
ate at Mong Inasal and it was so good but the problem was I got some
old chicken and when we got home it was me and the bathroom for the
rest of the morning. I was finally able to beat it out of the system
we went and were able to teach Sister Tess and her partner
Andrea. It was a crazy lesson and we almost lost control but in the
end we were able to teach how they can become clean from all their
sins and really truly follow Jesus Christ.

Wednesday had us all over the place we had to head out in the morning
and get some tracting done and then it was off to the other side of
the area. Later that night we headed over to the Solimons house to
help them get ready for their baptismal Interview. I have never met
people so ready for their baptisms.

Friday we were able to go and attend our Multi Zone Conference in
Lapaz. It was so good to see all the crew and get them back together.
Elder Dorman and Elder Smith both gave some great training's on how we
can become more efficient in our work. It really all come back to
Preach my Gospel. The more you study the better your work will become
and the closer to the spirit you can be as well. Elder Bowden came and
did the baptismal interview for the Solimon family. They passed and
were so excited for the 26th and the opportunity to become clean and
start their road to the temple.

Sunday turned out to be something else for us. We had 6 Investigators
come to Church and they are all super Progressing and will be baptized
in the next 2 or 3 months. Our ward is really doing great in fellow
shipping our new people that come to Church and I could not be more
happy with the work and how its all coming along here. Elder Crichton
and I are really starting to be a great team, with the work and at the
house. We have started our workout program and we also made the house
really feel like a home. And believe it or not but now I can play the
Didgeridoo almost as well as most Australians.

I love yall and the work is really just the funnest time of my life
right now. I would not trade this time for anything in the world. Its
cool to see that the more you focus and work hard the more life seems
to make sense.

Love Elder Swanton

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