Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Prepare for change

Dear Family,

I am so glad that everything went smooth and good back home this past
week. It was cool to read the talks that Michael and Dad gave, I hope
it was what everyone needed back home.

Tuesday I was able to meet up with bunch of my batch mates at our
mission Leader Conference.  It was the next big step for our mission
we were able to watch a special missionary broadcast. It talked about
how we need to change our Mission Culture, the Apostles came up with
the Culture of Teach Repentance and Baptize Converts. After we had a
big open forum about how we can help the mission and all the areas
that are really struggling.

Wednesday we were able to hear training's from all of our Aps and also
from President Aquino. I love going to all these meetings and learning
about how we can turn our areas into the best that they can be. I now
also understand how important this calling is, not only do we have to
work in our area. We are also in charge of two stakes of missionary's.

Thursday my comp was sick so we did not get very much done but I was
able to get a lot of reading and journal done. Its funny cause the
last few days when we have been teaching, especially the Plan of
Salvation, I have felt grandpa just standing right behind me almost
saying "you can do it". Every lesson we teach has more meaning to it
and they make me want to help as many people as we can.

Friday I was able to head back to my old area in Molo and have some
fun with my old comp Elder Mirasol. We had some crazy times just
jumping around to all my old investigators and visiting with some of
the members that i really got close to back in molo. Me and Mirasol
are a good team and it was cool to see how much he has progressed in
just a short time.

When I woke up Sunday morning, I had a lot on my mind. I was fasting
that all of our investigators would come to church and partake of the
untold blessing that would come from it. I also was fasting that my
family back home would be at peace with the whole Funeral Service and
be able to move on with no problem. I got the biggest surprise when I
got to church, by the end of sacrament meeting we had a total of 9
Investigators. It felt so good to finally have some real progression
come out of our area. They all had such a good time at church and our
ward did some great fellow shipping.

This week has been something else, I think the Lord is prepping me for
a big work next transfer. I will do my best to get ready for it, I
miss all of you and cant wait till we get to Skype again.

Love Elder Swanton

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