Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The advisary has real power

Dear Family,

Well this week has been a roller coaster ride of ups and downs and
sometimes getting your neck whipped up and down. But in the end we are
still alive and kicking and ready for this week. Its sounds like
things are starting to slow down back home and that is a good thing. I
hope that the ER is ready for ya mom, I'll try my best to stay out of
it when I get home. This is my week in a nut shell.

Tuesday was one of the worst lessons that have ever happened in my
whole mission. After District meeting we headed out to work and had a
member come to our lessons. In our mission we have really started to
follow the PMG so that the work here can progress faster. As we got to
the lesson with our investigator and our member Sister. When we got there, it
went from good to bad real quick when the investigator started to attack us with
all this Anti Mormon material she read about on YouTube. In my mission
I have seen Anti Mormon material tear people away from their families
and also from the church. Why does it have such a big affect is the
real question. Anyway the lesson just ended with me getting close to
the breaking point and them saying they only want one more visit from

Wednesday was our MLC and it was such a great experience to get all
the leaders in the mission together and talk about how we can become
the best mission in the world. After we all had dinner we headed back
to our house to get ready for the bonfire. Me and Elder Crichton made
a sweet Fire Pit out of metal. When we all got home we all sat out back
and had a fire just like back home with all my boys. It was so nice to
relax and talk about all the old times in the mission.

Friday was the most up and down day I have ever had and I mean ever.
We woke in the morning with txt from President saying that we have to
cancel our baptism later that day because there needs to be more
interviews. So of course we are devastated and just depressed, then he
txts and says that he wants to meet with Brother Soliman and see the
situation for himself. We set up the meeting place and what time they
would meet. After some miscommunication we finally got it done and
then when they got done President said it was back on. Now mind you we
have just spent all morning calling the ward saying that it was
canceled and would be next week. So we spent the next 3 hours getting
it all set back up and in the end it turned out to be one the most
spiritual experiences in my mission. After they were all baptized
there was just this special spirit that filled the font and room.

Sunday we had the chance to see the Soliman family get the holy ghost
and it just blew me away. They bore their testimonies and never before
have I been apart of a conversion so strong and pure. Teach Repentance
and Baptize Converts is the phrase that is driving the whole mission
right now. And I can say that after this baptism it is for sure the
only thing that goes through my mind as we step out the door every

Love y'all and can't wait till we get to skype and see each other again.
As for things here, we are good and just loving everyday of this two

Love Elder Swanton

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