Wednesday, March 9, 2016

A full week

My Family,

It is good to hear that you are all busy back home. I really miss all
the hustle and bustle of little old Cache Valley. The city that I am
serving in now is nothing like back home. They never sleep and they
never stop for anyone or for anything. I am sorry that I have not been
sending pics home of the streets and stuff but I like to send home
nice pictures. Most of the places we walk all day are for our eyes
only hahah but I'll try to do better with that, so you can all see what
it is like.

Tuesday we had our Zone meeting with all the elders and sisters in our
zone. It was one of the best training we have ever given in my
mission. The spirit was super strong and all of the missionaries
understood what the message was. We trained that as members of the
church we always need to be mindful of the end game or the end
picture. For us that means establish the kingdom in all that we do
while we are here on earth. I have come to almost a new understanding
of what a missionary is and what is can do for the rest of your life.
What we do now, how we act, what we say, and what we think can mean
the difference of success or defeat in the building of our Fathers
Kingdom. That is all that goes through my mind everyday as we head
out, how can Elder Swanton make a difference today.

Wednesday means that me and Elder Crichton are heading out on splits
with some of the missionaries in our zone. I headed to Jaro with Elder
Wright. They have been having some troubles over in their area so I
went over to do some investigation. After a good long hard day of
tracting and teaching less actives. We had a good talk about how you
can make the best of what you have and just pray that the lord with
prepare the Golden Families if you do your part. I also learned that
the Lord has really blessed my language and how I am able to learn. I
remember in the beginning how much I hated it but now it is apart of
my everyday routine and I love it so much. Every new word just adds
that much more to the understanding of a culture and of a people.

Thursday I had just walked in the door from splits and then the
Assistants to President Aquino came in the door and wanted to split
with us. It was such a fun day of work with Elder Smith. He is from
California and played football in high school, so we had a crazy day
of house to house and teaching our investigators. The lesson went
well and they are really starting to make progress and understand what
they need to do. Our only hope is that they gain the desire to change
their lives forever. Later that night me and Elder Smith had a talk
that will most likely changed the way I would have lived my life. He
helped me identify some things that I needed to change in order to go
home the person that Heavenly Father needs me to be. These next months
will be the process to become a master of my flaws and Truly be a Man
of God.

Saturday we woke up at 3:30 am so that we could say goodbye to the
Robinsons. It was like saying goodbye to grandma and grandpa all over
again. They really took care of us and made it feel like we were back
home. The only good thing about that day is that with them leaving it
meant that all of their furniture was free game. So we spent the next 6
hours deep cleaning our house and moving a couch and also a big new
fridge and also new beds. Our house is a dream apartment and we love it.

Sunday was a very relaxing day full of meetings and meetings and a few
more meetings. It was not exactly what I thought being a zone leader
is but in the end I love helping Wards and Branches reach their full
potential. That night we were able to work with some members and get
some home teaching done. Then we got a call that one of my favorite
less actives needed a blessing. When we got to his house he was
burning hot and he was so thankful we came to help out. The work here
may not be as fast paced but it is for sure more meaningful to the
members and investigators. I am loving my time here even though it is
flying by.

I love you all and hope that you have a good week back home.

Love Elder Swanton

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