Friday, March 25, 2016

Missing winter

Dear Family,

Holy cow just like that your winter is over and spring is coming in
with a hot blast. I really miss those cold winter days back home the
best thing we can do here is just put our faces in front of the air
conditioner and put it on full blast. This week was not the craziness but I
will do my best to sum it up for all of you.

Tuesday after district meeting me and Elder Crichton headed back to my
old area Molo to do some baptismal interviews. It was so fun to visit
with some the members and be able to work there again and see the
progression that can take place in just a short time. After that we
did some work with our zone T shirts. We ended up getting punted for
the rest of the day and headed home.

Wednesday we woke up early so for splits but after checking the phone
they ended up cancelling on us and it was probable for the good
because me and Elder Crichton well we got really sick for the next two
days. I don't know if it was something that we ate or something in the
water but what ever it was we really got sick and ended up just
sleeping for most of the day on Thursday.

Friday we went on splits with the aps and that was a blast. I was
finally able to go to the aps area and see how they do it over there.
It was awesome to see how as a Zone leader I need my area to be the
best that it can be for the missionaries in my zone. Elder Smith and I
were able to have some good talks about how to help the area and how
we as leaders can help our zones become the best we can be.

Sunday turned into a great day full of dinner appointments and crazy
old people. After a great session of church we headed out to work and
visited a Less Active Nanay. She is like our mom in this area and she
is so nice to us. We finally figured out how to help her with her many

That about sums it up for the week, like I said not the most exciting
week but it was full of very spiritual lessons and teaching the best
and truest doctrine on earth, the Gospel  of the Jesus Christ.

I love you all and cant wait till next week,

Love Elder Swanton

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