Sunday, April 10, 2016

Hard work pays off

Dear Family,

Well what a week we had here in the Crazy City of Mandurriao. Elder
Crichton and I really saw the work that goes into making all of the
system work so smoothly. Behind all the meetings, there are some really
in-depth Follow ups so that it all runs ok.

Tuesday was the last district meeting we had before transfers and our
whole team got transferred to the other parts of the island. It was a
great discussion about how we as missionary's can help our area by
being the best we can be. After that one of the members From Elder
Crichton's last area came and bought  us lunch and she also brought us
some t-shirts from Kalibo since I will never serve there.

Wednesday we had splits in my old area Molo and it was so much fun to
go back and see all the progress that the Elders are having and then
being able to visit the recent converts as well. They are doing so
well and because of their conversion, their family will also follow
them to the waters of baptism. At 5pm we had a meeting with the Stake
Presidency and President Aquino. We had a great meeting and me and
Elder Crichton looked great because of our super indentation report of
all our units. The Stake President was impressed and because of
that President Aquino took all of us out to MacDonald's. Hard Work pays
off ,hahah.

Thursday we had the first day of Mission Leader Conference. It was with
all the ZLs and STLs, we were able to identify some things that the
mission really needed to change in order to become the best it can.
That night we had a huge bonfire at our house and it was crazy. Believe
it or not most people over here don't just have fires for no reason, so
the neighbors were a little concerned, but when we talked to them they
were fine. Long night full of guitars and lots of food from the people
next door.

Friday was day two and the District Leaders were invited, we split up
as zones and came up with plans on how we can help our Elders and
Sisters fully understand what we are trying to do. It went great and
we are pumped for Tuesday and zone training.

Sunday was a step back day for me and Elder Crichton. We made plans
for how we can become the best example for our Zone. We both admit we
kinda slacked off but now we have the plans and the determination to
become the Zone Leaders we need to be.

I love you all,
Elder Swanton

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