Sunday, April 17, 2016

Power of conference

Dear Fam,

Well I can say that this week has held some of the biggest changes in
my whole mission for me. As I listened to General Conference it was a
spiritual awakening for me. I will try to explain the feelings and
thoughts that I have for this week.

Tuesday we had zone training and it was a great time for all the
missionaries in our zone. We spread the training's out between the
STLs and the District Leaders and then Elder Crichton and I finished
up. We feel like the elders and sisters really understood the
direction that the mission is looking to go the next couple months.

Wednesday we went on splits in San Miguel with Elder Bowden our
District Leader. I went to give a baptismal interview to the first
family to be baptized in the new area. We started out early at the
opening of the first 7-11 in San Miguel. After getting in the mayor of
San Miguel came over and we had a good 20 minute talk with him about
the gospel and how much it could help him. He was a really nice
persona and also the first mayor I had ever talked to. We also talked
to all the other high ranking officials in the town, it was one of the
funnest mornings I have had in a while. That night I interviewed
the family and they were so ready for baptism the because they had a
testimony of the Gospel and they are rock solid.

Saturday was the start of General Conference and also the start of a
new mindset.  I loved the priesthood session and how they really
focused on the power of the priesthood. How can we as males in the
church live worthy of the same priesthood God made the Earth with. It
really opens up the brain to some pretty thinking time.

Sunday was the same thing for all of us.The power of Elder Hollands
talk was almost unreal in the chapel we were sitting in. You would
not believe how many people were in tears. Take in mind that most of
these members do not understand English, but the spirit was so strong
that they didn't need to. I am so grateful we were able to listen to the
short and powerful messages from President Monson. The Priesthood of
God can Literally save lives in we are worthy.

I love you all and hope you had the best week ever.

Love Elder Swanton

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