Monday, March 2, 2015

Sorry Brigham...THIS is the PLACE!

Update from Jacob....

Ok, well, I will try my hardest to explain how this week went. To answer Dad; no, I don't have any pics of the sleeping area cause there is not enough room for a camera in the room, ha ha. No, I don't really make any salad. All that stuff is expensive. I have really dived into Philippine culture. All I really have been eating is just dried fish and rice cause it's super cheap and I can save money to get cool stuff at the end of the month. This month, I saved enough to get a super nice backpack since we travel so much. I also have been eating a lot of fried rice cause I can make it pretty healthy with veggies and stuff. This week has really not been much. We have just been getting our investigators ready for the 7th when we have 5 baptisms and that I am super excited for.

I really look for all the opportunities to see how the Lord has blessed me. I was thinking this week that this is the only place for me and how I don't think I would have wanted to go state side or to anywhere else. This mission may be stinking hard and the food may suck, our fridge may go out and all our food goes bad, and a couple of missionaries go home; but, for me this is the place. Sorry Brigham Young, but the Philippines is the place for me. In other news, I finally took my shirts in to the tailor and he sure has made them look great. I just got them back and have not tried them all on, but they look smaller. I think I might be down about 30 or 40 pounds since I left the house. But just as Uncle Ben said, you will never know till you get home. There are no scales here and they just don't read for big people. Not the longest e-mail this week, but I'm sure that next week will be the longest one yet. Me and Larson are really kinda nervous for what will happen next week, but the Lord has plans for all of us and he will lead the way. I love you all and pray for you every night.
Love, Elder Swanton

The Pics are of when I slipped and fell in some of the deepest mud in the whole of Bugasong and I got covered, ha ha. The others are of me and Larsen at the district conference.

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