Tuesday, April 28, 2015

1,000 stairs

Updates from Jacob...

Hey mom and family,

Well this week has just jumped back to a pretty normal week, we did some good work and taught some good lessons and really put in the hours that we could. I can't believe that you guys back home are going through the same things that we go through here. I don't know if the water will ever be good to drink haha, but the water is good for showering if the buckets are full. We had as I said an average week but I will do my best to explain the crazy happening in the Philippines. 

Alright so we start the week off with some good ol fashion tracking and some long hours of trying to place some of the Lords books. We really did not have much success with any of that, the real problem is that the people we are looking for are people who want the gospel. That has been the hardest thing to find. We stumbled into what could turn into some great investigators for us as long as they stop being so shy. That is the other hard thing about being a white person most of the people that we teach they don't want to look at me and they get way shy and don't want to talk. 

But we move on and we find more people all the time. The next transfers are on June 4th so I am going to be  the Provence of Bugasong for quite a while. I really can't wait until I get to be in a new area, and yes its crazy to think that I have just spent 1/4  of my mission in one place and that place is not the best place haha. But I have had some great memories in this place and I will never forget all the people and how hard it was for me to understand the darn language. 

The best thing that happened to us this week is we all came to Sibalom for P day and we got down here real early. We left the house at about 5 am to start the hike and according to the members we had a real challenge in front of us. After we had hiked for about 1 hour we hit the 1000 stair mountain and what kinda sucked is that the stairs were just small and the mountain was so freaking large. It took so long but when we finally got to the top we saw the massive Jesus and also a bunch of crosses so that was cool to get some pics of those. 

Just yeah I love all of you and I cant wait to Skype on the May 10th. So I will be be Skyping on Monday morning so I can get you guys Sunday night and that will be the plan I am super pumped to see you all and I love you all. 

Love Elder Swanton

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