Monday, May 4, 2015

Monsoon Swantoon

Update from Jacob...

Hey family,

Alright, well what happened to us this week. On Tuesday, we had a zone training and man it was good. We learned a lot from our zone leaders. They are good guys and the zone is just having some problems right now. So, the big news was that president went ham on a bunch of new rules for the mission. Alot of them are just rules to make us think a little more before we do things. O yeah, congrats mom for graduating and man that took a long time, haha. But it is good to see and hear that you are done with it for the time being. 

Haha, good joke that you guys have been having some rain. I will give you a little hint. We just hit the rainy season here and that means it rains twice a day and not just rain, a downpour from the heavens. I have never been so dang wet in my whole life. It is way nice though cause the temp has gone down so much and it is so nice. This week we also made a return visit to Yapo and man that was the coolest time that I have had in a while. Elder Wadman came with us so he could see how crazy the place is and how beautiful the mountains are. The whole way up there we were talking about how the rain has not started to come and yep, guess what, after we had taught some lessons up there, the rain came and man it came down hard. The people of the village were so scared for us because apparently the river will flood and get super dangerous if it rains super hard, but we had to head out anyways and it was so cool. We got some sweet pics and that is what really matters.

Also Elder Bontoyan got sick again, so we did not teach all the lessons that we wanted to, but we did have a miracle happen to us on Sunday. We had 5 new investigators come to church and I can tell you that it was an answer to our fasting and prayers. Other than that, we have really just been pushing on and trying to stay busy. 

Tell the siblings that I am proud of all the great work they are doing in their sports. I hope that they are behaving how they should. Hey, how is my car doing? Just wondering, man I miss driving it, haha.

Also, I will be able to Skype you guys at around 7pm on Sunday night for you guys and for me it will be Monday morning, Also, if you could get me Uncle Ben's Skype and see if you can get the family over to the house that would be super cool. I love you all and can't wait to see you.

Love, Elder Swanton

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