Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Hit the streets

Updates from Jacob....

My Family,

I'll just head through the week the same that mom did so that I can get
in all the details that I want to. But this week for Me and Elder
Mirasol was super good and we were able to have a great time.

Tuesday we had a Zone Training and lets just say things here in
Central Zone are just a little different than what I am used to. It
seems that every zone I go to is very different.
 Elder Larson said that we both would try our best to
have as much fun with these elders and sisters as we possibly can. The
meeting was on how we can use our time to the best of its use. I
really learned how we can use every situation to talk to people all
around us.

Wednesday was the day when we hit the streets and we were able to find
most of the old Investigators of the Elders that were in the area
before us. One really got my mind going and he has some real potential,
if he will follow all the commandments of God and just progress. His
name is Brother Ralph and his wife is a less active and they have a
little baby that me and my comp gave a blessing so she could get
better from the sickness. After he asked us how we were able to bless
her and we talked about the Priesthood and all the blessings that come
from it. He said he would try to come to church but he did not know
with his work schedule.

Friday we did a CSP in the church building with some of the members
here. It is so fun to have members that want to do things with the
missionary's, and a little secret, the better you are with the members
means more referrals and meals for free. So me and my comp are really
trying to get good at it. After that we headed over to Sister Ivys
house and talked to her about the whole baptismal process. She will
getting baptized on Saturday and we are super pumped for her and the
change she will be making in her life.

Saturday before the baptism me and my comp went out and did some
tracting in some of the area we have never been, it was such a good
experience for us. My comp is pretty new in the mission only 3 months
so he is still trying to get comfortable. We found a guy that his wife
is a member but she lives on another island while he is working here.
He said we could come back and teach him. He also took a copy of the
Book of Mormon and said that he would start reading it. Me and my comp
both got a good feeling from the whole lesson talk with him. We then
headed to the Baptism of Sister Ivy, it was a great thing for me to
see again. The spirit was so strong and she was very emotional when
the whole thing was over. I was surprised because after her nonmember
daughter came up to me and asked when we could come and start teaching
her and when she could be baptized.

I thank the Lord everyday that I have the chance to help these people
come to the knowledge of what is the real purpose of life and why they
are here. He kept blessing us when all of a sudden Brother Ralph came
to church for sacrament and he was just smiling the whole time. I just
get this swelling in my heart when I think of the life of Jesus Christ
he was the supreme example of what we need to become in this life. I
pray that all of you search the Standard Works and find the answers
that I have found.

All in all not a bad week, but we are both super stoked for the next
little while for us here. We have a lot of things that still need to
be done and many more people to talk to and teach. I love you all and
pray for you all every week, I miss you all even more with this
Christmas season but its comes with the Calling. Don't worry about me
I'll do my best to stay out of trouble.

Love Elder Swanton

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