Monday, November 9, 2015

Whitewashing in Molo

Updates from Jacob...
Dear Family,

This week was full of some crazy times and also some really sad ones.
I was really able to check myself and see how much I was able to learn
after one year in the mission. I will try to get all I want to say
into one email.

Tuesday we had District meeting and I had a feeling that this would be
my last meeting with my district before I transferred. When we got
home Elder Mudrow and I headed out and went to work to find some
Families that want to hear this glad message. After a good day we did
not get what we wanted, both of the families we were having really
good progress with moved and said they would get a hold of us and that
is not good news for a missionary. I really was humbled in this area,
I really put all I had in the tank and sometimes its just not enough.
We did however make sure that we planted as many seeds as we could.

Wednesday I was pretty sure that I would be transferring so I spent
today packing and then we headed out so we could visit some of the
members and less actives that I have gotten close to in this place. I
will never forget the work that went into bringing some of these
people back to the church. I wish that every Elder in the mission has
the chance to serve in the areas that I have served in. They are all a
great place to find out why you are here and get some good work done.

Thursday I get the call that I need to get to the mission home by 11
am for transfer meeting. It was so good to see all my brothers that
would be transferring as well. I was super pumped to see where
President wanted me to serve and when they read the transfer sheet I
got a good old surprise. He read my name and said, Elder Swanton and
Elder Mirasol will be whitewashing in Molo 1B. I was super happy but
at the same time I knew that I had some serious work to do. Molo is a
big ward on the island and it is 100 percent City. The other hard part
is that we were whitewashing so we have no idea were anything is or
who people are.

The next couple days were crazy to say the least, lets just say I
thought things were crazy in the bukid but things here in the city are
just out of this world. The question dad asked the last time we Skype
was have you seen anything you know like really bad? I have been in
this area for a little over 4 days and have seen some of the craziest
things in my whole life. My comp is this really small Philippine from
Bacolod. It is really sick because he speaks strait Illongo so I have
gotten good at the language. The other nice thing is that I have to
lead in all the lessons and finding so my language has really gotten

I am just so blessed to have this opportunity to be here in the city
and have a ward that loves the gospel. Back home we really take for
granted all of our callings and time we spend in the Church. Some of
the members just pray and fast for half the success that we have back
home. I love this part of my life and am so happy to serve my Lord and
teach his people around this world.
Love your son,
Elder Swanton

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