Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sometimes they find you

Updates from Jacob...

Dear Family,

Well I would like to apologize in advance I will not be typing very
much because last night I got my finger caught in an electric fan with
a metal blade and it did some work so it is not that easy to type but
I will do my best.  I pray that the family is safe and keeps their
health every day. Also that is so cool that you were called to be a
ward missionary and I hope you are ready for the calling cause the
sisters over here take this calling seriously. haha I am just kidding
around with you mom. I am glad that Adee had a good birthday and I am
also proud that she is growing out her hair again.  So here is how my
week went.

Wednesday we were able to get out to work and hit the streets again.
If there is one thing that I will learn from this area is how not to
be afraid of anything. We just talk to most anyone that we come in
contact with and that means that people can do some pretty crazy
things. Really for most of the week we tract and try to get a return
appointment for the coming days.

Friday we were able to work with some of the youth here and they took
us to some parts of our area that I had no idea even had members. But
if you are in the city basically every hole and rock has someone
living near or around it. We found a ton of less actives and it was so
cool to visit with them and teach them about the gospel they had
forgotten about.

Saturday was one of the best days that I had in a good long while. We
got to go to the wedding reception of our ward mission leader. Brother
Roy and Sister Jullians wedding was in Cebu and they are the true
example of what the Gospel of Jesus Christ is. Sister Jullian was super sweet,
 to see how they understand
why they are here and what the plan is. The spirit of joy was so
strong and we all had a good time with the ward and I was super happy
to be able to attend.

Sunday was a day full of the blessing of the Lord. Elder Mirasol and I
headed to church and sad to say none of our investigators came to
Church. But halfway through we had a member come into class and get us
she said she had someone for us to meet. When we got out into the hall
we met a family that had come over to see if the missionary's were
there. I said here we are and how can we help you, they wanted us to
start teaching them so we set up a teaching appointment tonight at the
chapel. After church we went on splits with some of our ward
missionary's to teach some more lessons. I went with Brother Alex and
we had a good time and were able to find some new people that really
want the change in their lives and are willing to follow Jesus Christ.

For me that's what its all about, I think back the the rich young
ruler when he asked Jesus what he needed to do to get into heaven.
Jesus said to sell all he had a follow him, to his disappoint the
ruler did not follow him. We as members need to understand what our
purpose is and then we need to be relentless in pursuing it. I love my
savoir and I will be never stop in my pursuit to perfection. He is the
example we just need to do the work. I hope we keep that in mind in
this Christmas season. I love you all and I will never forget all you
have done for me.

Love Elder Swanton

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