Monday, May 2, 2016

Change and become better

Dear Family,

Well, I will answer the big question up front and first so that mom and family can see it. I will be skyping next week on Monday the 9th for me, but for the family it will be Sunday afternoon about 5 in the afternoon. So on Sunday have the family all together so we can chop it up like real folk one last time. 

This week was super hard and also full of so much revelation and spirit. I have really found my purpose these last few weeks with me and Elder Crichton working as hard as we can to get the work moving around here. I am just going to focus on the highlights of the week because I really don't have much time right now but we will get to talk next week. All the siblings get your questions and write them down so you can remember. 

Thursday was the second day of Mission Leader Training and by far the best day I have had in a good long time. A couple days ago the APs called and asked me if I would give a training on the Christ Like Attribute Obedience. I was kinda taken back because it is a known fact in the beginning of my mission I was not the most rule following Elder. But these last few months I made a commitment to change and become better. I guess the APs and President noticed and they asked my to share my experience and battles with Obedience. I used the Atonement to teach and the spirit was so strong by the end of my training even President Aquino was crying. I can say it was just one more of the many turning points in a mission. 

Saturday we had baptismal interviews in Lapuz and that was a super fun time. I interviewed Sister Daisy and for only being 18 years old she has a plan for her life. After her interview we talked about her serving a mission and she was so happy and committed to prepare to serve one year from her baptism. Later that night we help the Mandurriao sisters get ready for their baptism. While me and my comp have hit a little rut, the sisters in the other area have been going hard and had 4 baptisms in the last little bit with more on the way. 

Monday has been a crazy day we woke up and help Elder Stevens pack his bags because he goes home today. After we headed over to Lapaz Plaza for our last big day of sports. My knee has been doing better but as we were about to finish a game I started to sprint with the ball and felt a big pop in the back of my thigh. I think it might be just a bad sprain but I will keep an eye on it. I just cant seem to get fully healthy these days. I will also be getting a new comp tomorrow. Elder Crichton will be transferring to my homeland of Antique. He is very excited and so am I. One more transfer as a Zone Leader and Mandurriao Elder. 

I love you all and hope that I will be able to get a hold of you for some Skype. I love my mission right now and would not trade it for anything in the world. 

Love Elder Swanton


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