Monday, May 2, 2016

Time for a test

Dear Family,

First off congrats mom for being done with school I wish I could say that I was done and on my way to a career but I have a long road ahead haha. This week was awesome because of the many spiritual experiences that happened and all that I was able to learn from them. 

Thursday we had interviews with President Aquino. The gossip I have been hearing from the office Elders is that I will be stepping down and heading off to some area that needs some help. We also had 72 hours kit checks from Sister Aquino. The good news is that I passed and for once in my mission I had all the things she wanted from us. Step one down and the next step is my interview with President. When I got into the room it was very cold. He love to keep the room cold to make us Utahns at home hahah but anyways it was super fun he said he was proud of the Elder that I had become and also that if I wanted I could choose were I go next. I suggested San Lorenzo Gumerias. The hardest area in the mission but for some reason it is the only place that I can think of going that will really test what kind of Elder I am. President said he will think about it and get back to me. Step two check and then it was back to work in the hottest day ever. 

Friday I got to work with my boy Elder Tracy the AP South. We had a fantastic day in the blazing hot sun teaching people the gospel even most of them just wanted to get home to their Electric Fans. Later that night was when we had some cool things happen. We were walking down an alley that almost two years ago on my first day in the mission I walked down. Then all of a sudden I remembered this family that I visited and how great they were. Elder Tracy said lets go and somehow I remembered exactly how to get to their house. It was also in the complete dark so that is how crazy it was. As it turns out they just had a brother die in their family so it was the best time ever for us to go and ask the family if we could help them with anything. As we left with a prayer, the mother started crying and thanking us for coming. After all this time the missionary's came back and she was so happy. When we got back to the house we both just started laughing because if I had not gone with Elder Tracy on this exact day and been on that exact road we would have never found them. The lord has a plan for all of us. 

It may not seem like to much for some people back home, but for us it's a big deal. I am so grateful for this week and all the blessings that come from being a missionary. I would not trade this for anything, anyone, or any amount. I can't wait to see all of you on Mothers day next week I will get you the details and what will be happening. 

Love Elder Swanton


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