Sunday, May 22, 2016

Turned uside down

Dear Family,

The only way to describe what has happened in the last few days. In short my whole mission has been turned upside down and everything I have learned is being put to the test. I should have seen it coming but in the words of President Aquino "when everything feels like its moving smoothly, that's when you should expect change".

Tuesday we took Elder Rasmussen into the office so he could get his new companion. Right when we got there Elder Tracy and Elder Smith sat us down and told us the transfer news. They told me that I would be transferring as well as training a new missionary in a new area. I did not believe them at first but they said they were serious. The first thing that came to my head is what the heck I still have work to do in Mandurriao. But as I went home and started packing then it started to sink in that this is what the Lord wants. Haha the funny thing is Elder Larson got the same call and we will both be training new missionaries.

Wednesday morning I headed into the office early after I said goodbye to all my people in Mandurriao. That was the hardest thing to do was say goodbye to people that I have become so close to over the past few months. When I got to the office Me, Larson and Mudrow all just sat around and caught up on good old times. The next thing I know the AP's say that it is time to go and get our new Elders. When they called my name and then my comps. Elder Fa'alavelave walked out into the middle of the floor and we had a big hug. I was so pumped and he was to. I could tell he was dealing with some serious Jet Lag but never the less we were both pumped. Elder Fa'alavelave is from Hawaii but they just moved to Utah within the last 4 months. His sister is serving in the Philippines as well in the mission above ours. 

Thursday we all headed out to our areas. Elder Larson's son is Elder Stratton from Montana and they are headed to Roxas Zone. Me and my comp are headed up to Kalibo Zone. For the first time in the mission we are in different zone and will not be doing p days as a big group. The ride to Kalibo was about 6 hours and my comp slept the whole way. I am kinda nervous for the language because it is Tagalog and I am not that good at it. My new Area in Numancia also has this Crazy Language called Aklanon. 

Friday was the first day in the new area and it was crazy. Me and the comp spent most of the day cleaning the house. The elders that served before us were cleaning challenged and the house was alot of work.. I have never seen a house like this in the mission, but after alot of hard work we got it done and the house is not to bad now. After that we went out to work and saw how much work we have to do before we see some success in this area. But I have a firm faith that heavenly father would not send us both here unless we could do it. 

Sunday was really fun, the Ward here is super strong even though they are really far away from things. They have a strong Priesthood group and if thing keep on how they are we will be getting some members to work with us and then the magic starts. After church me and the kid headed over to some less actives houses to learn this language and make a difference in this ward and area. 

I love you all and hope you had a great week. Just know that we are going to work as hard as we can until the last day and then after that its only up from there. 

Love your son, 
Elder Swanton


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