Monday, May 23, 2016

Rainy season

Dear Family,

Well this week has been a learning experience for me to say the least. After all our work I think I know what we need to do in the area so that we can start progressing. The only thing holding us back is the language and just the whole new missionary thing.

Tuesday was my first district meeting with the elders and sisters in my district. The whole zone is definitely needing a jump start and that is what I am going to try and help everyone get. Most missionaries here just work and don't seem to find very much joy in what they do. My main goal is to help people feel that no matter what you do in missionary work, fun is a big part of everything we do. 


Wednesday me and my companion went on some crazy long adventures. We started walking in the morning and did not stop until 9 pm. I will admit that 14 miles in one day is kinda a lot but it was really fun and we were able to see the big part of our area. When we finally got back to the house we were both the most tired I have ever been. I can say that this is way harder than the last time that I trained. Now I have to deal with emotions and language problems that I have not seen for a good long time. Just got to keep working that is the cure for all and any problems on the mission. 


Saturday was a big day for us we had some baptisms in Numancia ward. We had one in our area and the elders in the other area had one as well. Despite some drama that morning, in the end it all went as planned and we had a great day. The spirit was very strong and the atmosphere was very solemn in the chapel. Both the new members bore their testimonies and they were so emotional it was amazing to see people so prepared for baptism. 


Sunday was full of rain and less actives. The chapel here is very small but in spite of that they seem to fill it every week. I have never seem saints that care so much about this gospel and they really want progression for their ward. I am loving this ward and the area, if President will let me, I think this might be the place that I want to finish out my mission. 

I can say this part of my mission will turn out to be the hardest. Learning 2 new languages, training a new missionary, whitewashing an area that has had some challenges the past few months. We have our work cut out for us and I could not be more excited for the months to come. 

Love your son, 
Elder Swanton

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