Friday, June 24, 2016

Keep pushing

Dear Family,

1.Happy birthday Micheal and Grandma Swanton
2.Happy Fathers day Dad
3.This week was super crazy and also the best week in the whole transfer for us. 

I am way happy to see how busy you are all back home. It seems like you really don't have a moment to spare haha but that is good. As for the Summerfest mom I hope you are ready to hear me and Larson up there when we get home cause that is the plan. I'm glad everyone had a good birthday and fathers day. I almost forgot that it was but we saw an add that said it was and it all came back to me. 

Tuesday was one of those ok days that even though you really want to work and you give it your all in the end the body is weak. We headed out early and taught some great lessons to some less actives. About 1 hour later my stomach said its time to go home and spend some time in the bathroom, which it exactly what we did for the rest of the afternoon. I took some pills and drank some Sprite and slept real close to the bathroom. I must have drank some bad water or eaten something my chun did not like. 


Wednesday was almost an exact repeat but instead of less actives they were some sweet new investigators that were so willing to listen to the message they have convert written all over them. I asked some members for what the cure could be to my troubles. They told me to get to the market and buy some bananas real quick. About 6 bananas later I was feeling better and could finally sleep for the first time in over three days. 

Thursday we had some sweet district meeting and the work was good. We went to one of the uncorked areas in our area and found some new people to teach. Almost the same thing happend on Friday, also we found a new house to live in and it is way better than the rat hole we are living in right now. 


Sunday was the great day of blessings and alot of hard work finally coming to pay off. So I have been fasting every week that we would just have something happen in our area. I am training and whitewashing and speaking a different language. I just need something to go right for me and my comp. I asked that we could just have one person come to church today. When we got there we met the all the family's and then to my surprise one of our family's brought 6 investigators with them to church.  Right after church we headed out to work and were able to teach all of them the first lesson and they are so golden its crazy. I know Heavenly Father pushes us just far enough that we think we can't do it anymore but just then he will lift us up higher than we have been before. 

I am so grateful for the Gospel and the chance I have to share it with the people of Iloilo. I will never forget this week and will never regret the decision to go on a mission. 

Love Elder Swanton

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