Sunday, June 5, 2016

Time keeps going along

My dear Family,

Well its down to 5 as of Thursday. I just can't believe that it has gone this quickly but I have no time to slow down and think of that cause our area needs some help. This week was super good and we were able to get alot done and really learn the ins and outs of our area. 

Tuesday was district meeting and we were able to go over what the first steps to being a people person are. It went really well that is one thing that our district is working on is trying to talk to more people and get out there. I have been working on helping my bata talk to as many people as he can. That is one of the biggest things we are working on is trying to help all the people we meet when we are out working. 


Wednesday we headed out early to one of the farthest villages in our area. It went great, I am slowly starting to pick up this new language and my Tagalog is really coming along now. The Lord is giving and I am taking for as long as he will let me have it. Me and the comp were able to teach a great lesson about temples to our recent convert family. It was a miracle when the mom who has not been very interested the past lessons picked her head up and asked about temples and if family's can really be forever. I almost fell over and we taught her a fast lesson about forever families. It was so sick and me and the comp jumped after the lesson. The rain came down after the lesson and we got trapped in a less actives house for about two hours. It was crazy to say the least. 


Thursday we were tracting all day and I am happy to say that we found a new family the DeJesus family was ready for the gospel. And it turns out that they are the first cousins of some of the members in the ward. The rest of the day was full of teaching Less actives and trying to find as many new people as we can. 


Saturday and Sunday just whipped by and before you know it we are to Monday. But we had a great turnout for church and in the end it was a great day. I can't believe how many members are active and come to church every week in this ward. I am loving this time that I have to train and be a district leader again. As the months roll down I just think about what I have done on my mission and how much is left to do when I get home.

Love you all and until next week. 
Elder Swanton

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