Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Making it happen

Dear Family,

What a week we have had over here. For me it was a trip back to memory lane and I was so grateful for the chance to get to go back to all my areas and see people and how much they have changed. As you could tell we had a conference back in Iloilo so I went down early with my boys and we had a crazy fun day visiting all the members and recent converts. 

Wednesday was the best day in so long for me. Four of us woke up really early and headed down to Iloilo. It was a good 5 and half hour ride but in the end we made it there safe and sound. We had a crazy day ahead of you the first step was head back to my second area of Tigbauan and see the Lopez family. It was so sweet to chill and see how people are doing and how they are slowing coming back to the faith. It was also cool to see that some of the inactives I was teaching have come back and their kids are now preparing to serve missions. The next stop was Molo for some food and then right after that we went back to my last area of Mandurriao. We spent the next 5 hours visiting members and eating more than we have in a good long time. My comp was loving it because he could speak ilongo and that is the language he is most comfortable with. 

Thursday we got to hear the last conference of President Aquino. It was sad to say the least. The aps and president gave some great training about how we as a mission need to step it up and get ready for the President Cruz. I think one thing I really can say is that my relationship with president has gotten so much better as time went by. I see him now as someone who gives great advice and is really guided by the spirit of the Lord.  After the conference we got back on the bus and had another 5 hour ride home. By the time we got to the house I was dead tired so we all went strait to bed and the next morning was go time. 

Saturday was adventure day for me and Elder Fa'alavelave. We deiced to go to the farthest part of our area and find a member that we had heard rumors about. We set out that morning with only a last name and also a villige. Almost 4 hours of walking later we finally found it and the member was so happy to see us. It turns out she has not been visited by missionary in over a year. They all say her house is to far and there is no work there. But me and my bata had a great time and the people we met were so nice it was awesome.  

Things here are just moving along slowly but we are making it happen. I cant believe in just a short two weeks I have 4 months left in this mission. Every day just seems to fly by when you are having fun. I have heard something in the air that I might be out of here and heading even father into the mountains with one of my good brothers. But we will have to see what happens.  O before I forget happy birthday Michael and Grandma Swanton hope your special day is very fun. 

Love your son, 
Elder Swanton

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