Sunday, March 29, 2015

Just a little further Elder, come on......

Updates from Jacob....

Alright well its time to report my week.
This could have been the most exciting and the most boring week that I have ever had in my whole life. I really don't know how to describe it. But I will try my hardest to explain how the lord has tested me and put me through all sorts of trials this week. To start on Tuesday we got back from district meeting and headed out and tried to place some book of Mormons. It was great we did just that and also taught some lessons. When we got back to the house is when the trouble started. My comp started to get really sick and not look very good. I called the mission presidents wife and she gave my comp some witch doctor advice and he did what she said and started to get better. So I kinda forgot abut the whole thing. 
The next day we went out early in the morning to find this family that is super hard to contact, we hiked for a while to their house. They live pretty far up by a dam, the only one in the area. As I thought, they were not home, so I asked elder Bontoyan what he wanted to do. As usual he said whatever you want to do. I decided to keep walking, we hiked for about 2 more hours into the mountains and we were asking people where we were and if they had ever heard of the Mormons before. A lot of people had and some told us to keep moving they wanted nothing to do with a bunch of Mormons. I was even starting to get a little discouraged but then we finally hit this Burunguy called Maray. When we showed up everyone there stopped and they all came over to talk to us. The Burunguy Capetian was super good at English and I asked her if there was any other little villages over the other side of the mountain and she said yes there was a couple more. I looked at Elder Bontoyan and said I hope you are ready cause we are about to go on an adventure. He did not look to excited and I said we could be the first missionary's to these villages and he said ok lets go. That is when all the crazy started to happen. The road dispersed and all of a sudden we are just walking in the river bed and hoping over massive rocks and crossing the river. We saw these kids with some massive packs on their backs and asked them where they were going, they told us Yapo. That was just were we wanted to go, I asked if we could follow and they said yes. Over the next 3 hours of hiking I asked them all kinds of questions, as it turns out we would be the first Mormon Missionary s in that village. Also I would be the first White person, after I heard that my steps started to get faster. I could not believe that I would be the first one, like my dreams are about to come true. 
The kids also said that the whole village was Catholic and they all go to church in a little Catholic meeting hall. I could not believe how awesome this was going to be. We finally saw the smoke coming from Yapo and man I started to really walk fast. All I wanted to do is get to this place and start to spread the word and work of God. Finally got there and the first thing that I wanted was some water and so we followed the kids and they took us to a place were we could buy some water. I saw the entire village come and watch me drink my water and then I said Ako Si Elder Swanton and they all about flipped out. Hahaha they could not believe that I could speak their language and then they hit me with a bombshell. One of the sisters started to speak English. I about fell over with disbelief. I just hiked 3 hours into the never before tracked regions of Bugasong and the people here can speak pretty good English. We gave away 4 Book of Mormons so fast that we said don't you all worry we will be back next week and they were all so happy. Right before we left the Jordan family wanted to take some pictures, I said yes of course. Before I knew what was going on they threw a little kid on my lap and they all started to call me Ninong Swanton. I was like what the freak is going on. The mom asked me a question, what I thought she said was, will you teach me son? But what my comp later translated was Will you be my sons Godfather and I said yes before knowing what was going on. The whole family about had a heart attack and started smiling a clapping. I really don't know what will happen but as of Wednesday I have a new godson hahaha. Once in a lifetime is the phrase that I have been saying about this week.
But yeah after that we hiked out and the next couple days I really did nothing my comp got so sick like I really don't know what to do. Yesterday we went to church and by the way we had the most people we have ever had. 64 people showed up and that is a record for me and Elder Larson. But right after church my comp got sick again so yeah today I am watching him really close to make sure that he does not pull a fast one and die on me. I can't have that or how will we be able to work. Really the only other thing that I can think of is that I have some Big News. For the first time in Bugasong History we are leading the mission and more specifically My Area had the most Baptisms this last month and also our district is leading the mission in all the numbers and stats.It feels good to actually be doing what we should. I know the Gospel is true and I will never be shy about that for the rest of my life and you can bet that on your life. I love you all more that you know and cant wait until I can tell you all these stories in person. 
Love Elder Swanton

All the pictures of Yapo and the kid on my lap with the White shirt is my godson Kirt Zion Jordan, the other pic are of me and Larson we wear khaki pants every Sunday now.

Going where no other has gone before....

River/Road/Trail= multi use transportation system

Back on sorta dry ground

Elder Swanton - The Godfather of  Yapo.    go figure.....

Yapo kids

Khaki pants are all that in Bugasong

Local money

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