Sunday, September 4, 2016

Pushed to the limit

Dear Family,

Well this week has been a lot of house hunting, right now we are on a mission from President to find a new house in the middle of our area and it has really proved to be a challenge.

The first half of our week was spent on walking up and down every single ally or street in our whole entire area. President Cruz really wants us to live in the city no matter how hard it is to find a house. I would also like to add that because me and my comp are white it really adds a lot to the plate. Every house that we did find was either not livable or it was so overpriced that we had to walk away before even seeing them. 

To say that me and my comp Elder Billings have been pushed to our limits by people the last couple days would be an understatement. We just want to get to work but when I had an interview with President he said that our sacrifice will be acceptable before the Lord. So for the next couple days we got to work visiting less actives and just being missionaries again. 

One great thing every week is when we get to teach brother Robert. He is our deaf Recent Convert. I don't think I have ever felt this kind of joy while teaching in my whole mission. Just the sparks that light up in his eyes when we help him understand things can almost melt a heart. The last lesson of the week was about how in a year he can get a Temple recommend and get to the house of the Lord. My sign Language is really coming along me and Elder Billings take turns teaching and praying at the end of the lessons. 

The days almost seem to be blurring together. I took down all the calendars in the house because I don't like knowing how many days I have left or even what day it is right now. 

I love my mission and just hope these great feelings keep coming. 

Love your son,

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