Friday, September 23, 2016

The work is accelerating


Well this week was not what I thought was going to happen my last transfer in the mission. I will try my best to describe the trails and the success that we were able to experience this week and how in the end we were able to make the best and have a great week.

Monday I got the call from the AP's that for the third time in a mission I would be training a new missionary. I don't know to many Elders that have had the chance to train 3 times so I am pumped to say the least. That night is the first night of the worst LBM I have had in my whole mission and it was just the first of many more to come. 

Tuesday we headed out and did some crazy finding to see how many less actives we could locate and then report back to bishop. It was so much fun to get back out on the streets and get after it. If there is one thing this mission has taught me its that you don't find people when you sit on your butt all day. Which after eating some street food was exactly what I did for the rest of the night. I think that I might be having some problems with my Gaul bladder because I cannot seem to digest grease in the least bit. So my diet has changed and it seems to be working cause I am losing tons of weight.


Thursday Elder Billings and I headed over to the office to pick up our new Comp. The new batch that came into the mission has to be the biggest in the whole mission history. They were 29 total not including the new couples that came in. When I walked into the chapel it was like day one for the third time haha. I had so much fun talking to all the new elders and seeing were they are from and who their MTC teachers were. When they called out the names Elder Billings and I gave out a big ChEEEEEEE WHOOOOOO and ran and gave our new comp a huge. He was a little Pinoy so he may have been a little scared but he was smiling the whole time. His name is Elder Tumbokon and he is from Quezon City North. He reminds me a lot of my first Trainee Elder Bontoyan, they just have a lot of the same mannerisms. As soon as we got home we hit the planning session and then headed out to meet some of the members in our area. I then spent almost all of the night in the bathroom with some great LBM. 

Saturday we woke up and did our study's and headed out to work. We headed back to one of my oyms earlier in the week and he was able to sow my shoes back together. I don't know if yall have noticed but I have only had those one black pair of Hush Puppies my whole mission and they are still doing great and have tons of tread left. My plan is to give them to Elder Crichton when I head home and he can finish his mission in them and then give them away to another elder. Anyways about 2 pm we went to the church to prepare for the baptisms we were going to be having later at around 3. Brother Rolly and Brother Arsenio were ready and willing so I was glad to help them on their way to salvation. All the elders in the mission call it Dunking Um so I did and they both almost made it to the bottom of the font. When Brother Rolly came up he was laughing and Brother Arsenio was just really happy to be baptized. 

Sunday Elder Billings and I both gave talks about service and missionary work. I can say it will be nice to give talks in English when I get home. But they both went great and after church we headed out and taught our progressing investigators. Brother Juan Carlos and Sister Juneah they are cousins and they both have a date for October 1st. Also my new diet means that I cannot eat anything that has grease or been cooked in a ton of grease. I will be eating veggies until I get home haha. But I am so excited for the weeks to come and I cant believe that another week has gone by. I guess this means that there is only 5 weeks left. 

I love you all, 
Elder Swanton

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