Monday, September 5, 2016

Teaching and helping

Dear Family,

The weeks really seem to by flying by and that is not really what I want to happen but I guess that is the aftermath of getting lost in the work. Mom I will get right on the office and have them send the right travel thing to y'all. Its good to hear that all of you are doing well and that life back home is fine. I am getting all fired up to get home and get me some of that cool autumn air. 

The breakdown of the week is pretty simple this time. We spent almost the whole week trying to find a house in our new area and at the very end we did it and then came the paper work and contract signing. After all the craziness we got moved in on Saturday. And right after we set our bags on the new floor we headed out the door so we could make it to our baptism. Sister Madelene was baptized by her dad who has been all but inactive for the last 20 years but because the spirit told him to come back about 6 weeks ago he prepared and was able to baptize his daughter. It was such a great experience to see the love of a father for his daughter and how much trust his daughter has for him. 
We spent the rest of the night unpacking in our new house. I love it so much it has high ceiling just like out house back home and its built like a Mexican bungalow. I will send some pics home next week. 

The pics with all the kids is on Saturday afternoon, after we got done cleaning out the AP's new house I found a big bag of Pesos so we decided to give it to all kids in the park close to our house and they loved it to say the least. Just seeing their smiles was enough to make my whole month. I love what we do over here. 

Sunday we went to church and had a great fast Sunday. In my time here in City ward we have increased in our weekly attendance by almost 40 and the ward is getting more and more every week. After the services we headed out and found some less actives that have not been visited for a long time. We got lucky and met one of their sons who is now 23 and still not a member. Antonio Jr. was his name and he has some real potential to become a Priesthood holder.  We ended the night with a big dinner appointment with the sisters at a members. Its always a good time to get everyone together and have a good time and eat some namit food. 


A great week to say the least and it also helped me to learn how much I love teaching and helping people understand the gospel of Jesus Christ. Something I have also learned is sometimes we just don't have the answers. I think that is the hardest thing to say to someone " I'm sorry I just don't know" but I do know were you can find the answers and if you really want them Heavenly Father will give them to you. 

I love and miss you all, 

Elder Swanton

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